City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 04
Chapter 04.25B
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(Select All) Title 04 Administrative Agencies and Procedures

(Select All) Chapter 04.25B REPEALED (Spokane Forestry Project Public Development Authority)

Section 04.25B.010 REPEALED (Definitions)
Section 04.25B.020 REPEALED (Authority Created)
Section 04.25B.030 REPEALED (City Liability Limited)
Section 04.25B.040 REPEALED (General Powers)
Section 04.25B.050 REPEALED (Limitation of Powers)
Section 04.25B.060 REPEALED (Charter)
Section 04.25B.070 REPEALED (Effect of Issuance of Charter)
Section 04.25B.080 REPEALED (Board of Directors)
Section 04.25B.090 REPEALED (Organizational Meeting)
Section 04.25B.100 REPEALED (Meetings of the Board of Directors)
Section 04.25B.110 REPEALED (Quorum)
Section 04.25B.120 REPEALED (Board Review and Concurrence)
Section 04.25B.130 REPEALED (Charter Amendments)
Section 04.25B.140 REPEALED (Bylaws)
Section 04.25B.150 REPEALED (Officials of Authority – Fidelity Bonds)
Section 04.25B.160 REPEALED (Code of Ethics – Conflict of Interest)
Section 04.25B.170 REPEALED (Discrimination Prohibited)
Section 04.25B.180 REPEALED (Deposit of Public Funds)
Section 04.25B.190 REPEALED (Establishment and Maintenance of Office and Records)
Section 04.25B.200 REPEALED (Reports and Information)
Section 04.25B.210 REPEALED (Audits and Inspections)
Section 04.25B.220 REPEALED (Access to Records)
Section 04.25B.230 REPEALED (Trusteeship)
Section 04.25B.240 REPEALED (Termination of the Authority)
Section 04.25B.250 REPEALED (Dissolution of the Authority)
Section 04.25B.260 REPEALED (Insurance)
Section 04.25B.270 REPEALED (Unauthorized Representation)
Section 04.25B.280 REPEALED (Ancillary Authority)
Section 04.25B.290 REPEALED (Construction)
Section 04.25B.300 REPEALED (Ratification)