City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 06
Chapter 06.09
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(Select All) Title 06 Intergovernmental Operations

(Select All) Chapter 06.09 Formation of the Spokane Housing Authority as a Joint Housing Authority

Section 06.09.010 Finding of Necessity
Section 06.09.020 Authorization of Authority
Section 06.09.030 Commissioners
Section 06.09.040 Bylaws
Section 06.09.050 Officers, Agents and Employees
Section 06.09.060 Allocation of Costs of the Authority
Section 06.09.070 Assumption of Responsibilities
Section 06.09.080 Deactivation of the Authority
Section 06.09.090 Repeal of Certain Prior Acts
Section 06.09.100 Ratification of Past Acts
Section 06.09.110 Severability
Section 06.09.120 Effective Date