City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 09
Chapter 09.01
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(Select All) Title 09 Employment Standards

(Select All) Chapter 09.01 Earned Sick and Safe Leave

Section 09.01.010 Definitions
Section 09.01.020 Applicability
Section 09.01.030 Accrual Rates, Annual Cap, Use of Leave, and Carry-Over
Section 09.01.050 Notices and Posting
Section 09.01.060 Employer Responsibilities
Section 09.01.070 Effective Date
Section 09.01.080 Administrative Enforcement
Section 09.01.090 No Waiver
Section 09.01.100 Severability
Section 09.01.110 Effect of Other Existing Law
Section 09.01.120 More Generous Employer Policies Encouraged
Section 09.01.130 Evaluation
Section 09.01.140 Sunset