City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

***Note: Many local criminal codes can now be located under Chapter 10.60 SMC while others are now cited under the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), which was incorporated into the municipal code in 2022. (See SMC 10.58.010). Code Enforcement, including Noise Control and Animal Regulations are located in Chapters 10.62 through 10.74.

Title 10
Chapter 10.46
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(Select All) Title 10 Regulation of Activities

Division II. License Code

(Select All) Chapter 10.46 REPEALED (Weights and Measures)

Section 10.46.010 REPEALED (In General)
Section 10.46.020 REPEALED (Standard Systems of Weights and Measures)
Section 10.46.030 REPEALED (Official City Standards)
Section 10.46.040 REPEALED ("Cord" and "Load" Defined)
Section 10.46.050 REPEALED ("Fish" Defined)
Section 10.46.060 REPEALED ("Label" Defined)
Section 10.46.070 REPEALED ("Meat" Defined)
Section 10.46.080 REPEALED ("Package" Defined)
Section 10.46.081 REPEALED ("Combination Package" Defined)
Section 10.46.082 REPEALED ("Consumer Package" Defined)
Section 10.46.083 REPEALED ("Multi-unit Package" Defined)
Section 10.46.084 REPEALED ("Nonconsumer Package" Defined
Section 10.46.085 REPEALED ("Random Package" Defined)
Section 10.46.086 REPEALED ("Variety Package" Defined)
Section 10.46.090 REPEALED ("Person" Defined)
Section 10.46.100 REPEALED ("Principal Display Panel" Defined)
Section 10.46.110 REPEALED ("Poultry" Defined)
Section 10.46.120 REPEALED ("Sale" Defined)
Section 10.46.130 REPEALED ("Weight" Defined)
Section 10.46.140 REPEALED ("Weghts and Measures" Defined)
Section 10.46.150 REPEALED (Abbreviations)
Section 10.46.160 REPEALED (Method of Sale - General)
Section 10.46.170 REPEALED (Method of Sale - Meat)
Section 10.46.180 REPEALED (Method of Sale - Bread)
Section 10.46.190 REPEALED (Method of Sale - Flour, Meal, Grits)
Section 10.46.200 REPEALED (Method of Sale - Fluid Dairy Products)
Section 10.46.210 REPEALED (Method of Sale - Butter, Margarine)
Section 10.46.220 REPEALED (Method of Sale - Berries, Small Fruits)
Section 10.46.230 REPEALED (Bulk Deliveries Sold by Weight)
Section 10.46.240 REPEALED (Heating Oil)
Section 10.46.250 REPEALED (Wood Fuel)
Section 10.46.260 REPEALED (Ice Cream)
Section 10.46.270 REPEALED (Label Requirements - General)
Section 10.46.280 REPEALED (Frozen Products)
Section 10.46.290 REPEALED (Form of Identity Declaration)
Section 10.46.300 REPEALED (Quality Declaration - General)
Section 10.46.310 REPEALED (Quantity Declaration - Largest Whole Unit)
Section 10.46.320 REPEALED (Quantity Declaration - Bidimensional Commodities)
Section 10.46.330 REPEALED (Units of Weights and Measure)
Section 10.46.340 REPEALED (Units with Multiple Meanings)
Section 10.46.350 REPEALED (Fractions)
Section 10.46.360 REPEALED (Variations in Quantity)
Section 10.46.370 REPEALED (Qualifying Terms)
Section 10.46.380 REPEALED (Combination Declaration)
Section 10.46.390 REPEALED (Price Advertising)
Section 10.46.400 REPEALED (Declaration of Unit Price)
Section 10.46.410 REPEALED (Declaration of Origin - General)
Section 10.46.420 REPEALED (Form of Declaration - General)
Section 10.46.430 REPEALED (Area of Principal Display Panel)
Section 10.46.440 REPEALED (Height of Numbers and Letters)
Section 10.46.450 REPEALED (Proportion of Characters)
Section 10.46.460 REPEALED (Clear Area)
Section 10.46.470 REPEALED (Lettering Style)
Section 10.46.480 REPEALED (Color)
Section 10.46.490 REPEALED (Location)
Section 10.46.500 REPEALED (Special Requirements or Exemptions)
Section 10.46.5001 REPEALED (Aerosol)
Section 10.46.5002 REPEALED (Butter, Margarine)
Section 10.46.5003 REPEALED (Combination Packages)
Section 10.46.5004 REPEALED (Display Card)
Section 10.46.5005 REPEALED (Flour)
Section 10.46.5006 REPEALED (Fluid Dairy Products - Frozen Desserts)
Section 10.46.5007 REPEALED (Multi-unit Packages)
Section 10.46.5008 REPEALED (Random Packages)
Section 10.46.5009 REPEALED (Small Packages)
Section 10.46.5010 REPEALED (Soft Drinks)
Section 10.46.5011 REPEALED (Tobacco)
Section 10.46.5012 REPEALED (Variety Packages)
Section 10.46.5013 REPEALED (Individual Food Servings)
Section 10.46.5014 REPEALED (Federal Labeling Requirements)
Section 10.46.5015 REPEALED (Phosphorus Products)
Section 10.46.510 REPEALED (Weighing and Measuring Apparatus - General)
Section 10.46.520 REPEALED (Meter and Scale Tolerances)
Section 10.46.530 REPEALED (Sealing of Apparatus)
Section 10.46.540 REPEALED (Incorrect Apparatus)
Section 10.46.550 REPEALED (Maintenance Personnel)
Section 10.46.560 REPEALED (Office of Weights and Measures)
Section 10.46.570 REPEALED (Violations)