City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 12
Chapter 12.05
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(Select All) Title 12 Public Ways and Property

(Select All) Chapter 12.05 General City Property

Section 12.05.005 Definitions
Section 12.05.010 Vacant Property – Gardens
Section 12.05.020 Permit Revocable – Waiver – Hold Harmless
Section 12.05.025 Baby Changing Facilities in Restrooms of City Buildings
Section 12.05.030 Sustainable Public Buildings Requirements
Section 12.05.040 Disposition of Low-Value Personal Property or Equipment
Section 12.05.050 Federal Civil Immigration Enforcement Operations on City Property
Section 12.05.060 Designating Non-Public Areas of City Properties
Section 12.05.065 Disposition of seized or forfeited firearms
Section 12.05.070 Enforcement
Section 12.05.080 Severability