City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 17C
Chapter 17C.182
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(Select All) Title 17C Land Use Standards

(Select All) Chapter 17C.182 Fairchild Overlay Zones

Section 17C.182.010 Purpose and Intent
Section 17C.182.020 Applicability
Section 17C.182.030 Declaration – Appropriate Protection
Section 17C.182.100 Military Airspace Established
Section 17C.182.110 Height Restrictions
Section 17C.182.120 Administrative Height Exceptions
Section 17C.182.200 Military Influence Areas (MIA) Established
Section 17C.182.210 MIA 3/4 Regulations Based on Washington State Airport Compatibility Guidelines
Section 17C.182.220 Compatible Uses and Densities – MIA 3/4
Section 17C.182.230 Review of Permitted Uses and Conditional Use Permits Locating in MIA 3/4 – Application of Reasonable Conditions
Section 17C.182.240 General Use Restrictions – MIA 3/4
Section 17C.182.250 Exemptions – MIA 3/4
Section 17C.182.260 Conflict with Underlying Zone Requirements
Section 17C.182.300 Noise Impact Area Established
Section 17C.182.310 Application to New, Existing Structures, Additions and Changes of Use
Section 17C.182.320 Noise Reduction Features and Materials Required
Section 17C.182.330 Details for Plans and Specifications
Section 17C.182.400 Accident Potential Zones Established
Section 17C.182.410 APZ Permitted and Prohibited Uses
Section 17C.182.420 Limited Use Standards
Section 17C.182.430 Review of Permitted Uses Locating in the Clear Zone, APZ-I and APZ-II – Application of Reasonable Conditions
Section 17C.182.440 General Use Restrictions – Clear Zone, APZ-I and APZ-II
Section 17C.182.450 Clear Zone Special Considerations
Section 17C.182.500 Bird – Aircraft Strike Hazard Requirement
Section 17C.182.600 Fairchild AFB Review Required in the MIA 2 and 3/4
Section 17C.182.700 Avigation Easement Required in MIA 2 and 3/4
Section 17C.182.800 Notification of Military Aircraft Activity Required in MIA 2 and 3/4
Section 17C.182.810 Real Estate Lease Notice Required
Section 17C.182.900 Exemptions