City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 17C
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(Select All) Title 17C Land Use Standards

Chapter 17C.010 Penalty
Chapter 17C.110 Residential Zones
Chapter 17C.110T Residential Zone Development Tables
Chapter 17C.120 Commercial Zones
Chapter 17C.122 Center and Corridor Zones
Chapter 17C.122T Center and Corridor Zone Development Tables
Chapter 17C.123 Form Based Code Zones
Chapter 17C.124 Downtown Zones
Chapter 17C.130 Industrial Zones
Chapter 17C.160 North River Overlay District
Chapter 17C.170 Special Height Overlay Districts
Chapter 17C.180 Airfield Overlay Zones
Chapter 17C.182 Fairchild Overlay Zones
Chapter 17C.190 Use Category Descriptions
Chapter 17C.200 Landscaping and Screening
Chapter 17C.210 Nonconforming Situations
Chapter 17C.220 Off-site Impacts
Chapter 17C.230 Parking and Loading
Chapter 17C.240 Signs
Chapter 17C.250 Tall Building Standards
Chapter 17C.255 Skywalks
Chapter 17C.300 Accessory Dwelling Units
Chapter 17C.305 Adult Business
Chapter 17C.310 Animal Keeping
Chapter 17C.315 Bed and Breakfast
Chapter 17C.316 Short Term Rentals
Chapter 17C.319 Commercial Vehicle Use and Recreational Camping
Chapter 17C.320 Conditional Uses
Chapter 17C.325 Drive-through Facilities
Chapter 17C.330 Group Living
Chapter 17C.335 Historic Structures – Change of Use
Chapter 17C.340 Home Occupations
Chapter 17C.345 Manufactured Homes and Mobile Home Parks
Chapter 17C.347 Regulations for State-Licensed Marijuana Producers, Processors and Retailers
Chapter 17C.350 Mini-storage Facilities
Chapter 17C.355 REPEALED (Wireless Communication Facilities)
Chapter 17C.355A Wireless Communication Facilities
Chapter 17C.356 Eligible Facilities Modifications
Chapter 17C.360 Special Use Temporary Permit
Chapter 17C.370 Existing Neighborhood Commercial Structures in Residential Zones
Chapter 17C.380 Market Garden Pilot Program
Chapter 17C.390 Mobile Food Vending
Chapter 17C.400 Interim Housing Regulations Adopted to Implement RCW 36.70A.600(1)