City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 17C
Chapter 17C.200
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(Select All) Title 17C Land Use Standards

(Select All) Chapter 17C.200 Landscaping and Screening

Section 17C.200.010 Purpose
Section 17C.200.020 Plan Submittal Requirements
Section 17C.200.030 Landscape Types
Section 17C.200.040 Site Planting Standards
Section 17C.200.050 Street Tree Requirements
Section 17C.200.060 Stormwater Drainage
Section 17C.200.070 Screening and Impact Abatement
Section 17C.200.080 Maximum Landscaping Requirements
Section 17C.200.090 Completion and Bonding
Section 17C.200.100 Irrigation Requirement
Section 17C.200.110 Water Conservation Measures
Section 17C.200.120 Fees in Lieu of Planting Street Trees
Section 17C.200.130 Guarding against Damage from Construction Work
Section 17C.200.140 Unauthorized Removal; Damage or Destruction; Penalty
Section 17C.200.150 Incentives