City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 17E
Chapter 17E.030
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(Select All) Title 17E Environmental Standards

(Select All) Chapter 17E.030 Floodplain Management

Section 17E.030.010 Statutory Authorization
Section 17E.030.020 Findings of Fact
Section 17E.030.030 Purpose
Section 17E.030.040 Method of Reducing Flood Losses
Section 17E.030.050 General Provisions
Section 17E.030.060 Establishment of Development Permit
Section 17E.030.070 Designation of the Floodplain Administrator
Section 17E.030.080 Duties and Responsibilities of the Floodplain Administrator
Section 17E.030.090 Variance Procedure – Hearing Examiner
Section 17E.030.100 Variances
Section 17E.030.110 Notice – When Required
Section 17E.030.120 REPEALED (Resource Material)
Section 17E.030.130 General Standards
Section 17E.030.140 Specific Standards
Section 17E.030.150 AE Zones with Base Flood Elevations but No Floodways
Section 17E.030.160 Floodways
Section 17E.030.170 Essential Public and Critical Facilities within Special Flood Hazard Areas
Section 17E.030.180 Penalties for Noncompliance
Section 17E.030.190 Amendments