City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 07
Chapter 07.08
Section 07.08.605

Title 07 Finance

Chapter 07.08 Funds

Article VII. Fiduciary Funds

Section 07.08.605 Arboretum Fund

  1. There is created a fund to be known as the “arboretum fund” into which shall be placed all moneys paid to the City by the Old National Bank of Spokane from the trust fund established by Article II of the agreement of March 20, 1947, between the City and the park board and the Old National Bank of Spokane for the establishment and maintenance of the John A. Finch Memorial Arboretum.
  2. All payments for items of expense incurred in connection with the construction of improvements on and maintenance of said John A. Finch Memorial Arboretum shall be made from said fund by the chief financial officer upon order of the park board.

Date Passed: Monday, May 7, 2007

Effective Date: Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Recodification ORD C34024 Section 1