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Title 07
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(Select All) Title 07 Finance

Chapter 07.01 Fiscal Year
Chapter 07.02 Bonds in Favor of City
Chapter 07.03 Imprest Funds
Chapter 07.04 Franchise Reporting
Chapter 07.05 Local Improvements
Chapter 07.06 Procurement of Goods, Services and Works
Chapter 07.07 Rewards
Chapter 07.08 Funds
Chapter 07.09 Intrafund Budget Transfers
Chapter 07.10 Payment of Warrants – Line of Credit
Chapter 07.11 REPEALED (Spokane Auditor)
Chapter 07.12 REPEALED (Biennial Budget)
Chapter 07.13 Credit Card, Alternative Payment Methods
Chapter 07.14 Budget Process
Chapter 07.15 City Investment Committee
Chapter 07.16 Public/Private Partnership Agreement Requirements
Chapter 07.17 City-Wide Six-Year Capital Improvement Program
Chapter 07.18 Posting of Financial and Accountability Audit Findings
Chapter 07.19 Approval of Grant Applications