City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 13
Chapter 13.04
Section 13.04.2026

Title 13 Public Utilities and Services

Chapter 13.04 Water

Article II. Rates

Section 13.04.2026 Small Taps and Meters – Additional
  1. Tap Fees: [Reserved].

  2. Street:

    1. One-inch tap – All: Nine hundred fifty dollars ($950.00).

    2. Two-inch tap – All: One thousand five dollars ($1,005.00).

  3. Meter Fees.

    1. All new One-inch and Three-quarter inch residential meters will be installed in a meter box within three feet of property line or in a dedicated utility easement. The meter and box will be sold as one unit.

    2. Three-quarter inch – Domestic/Meter and Box: One thousand three hundred seventy-five dollars ($1,375.00).

    3. Three-quarter inch – Meter: Six hundred fifty dollars ($650.00).

    4. One-inch – Domestic/Meter and Box: One thousand four hundred thirty-five dollars ($1,435.00).

    5. One-inch – Meter: Seven hundred fifty-five dollars ($755.00).

    6. One-and-one-half inch – Domestic: One thousand four hundred sixty dollars ($1,460.00).

    7. One-and-one-half inch – Irrigation: One thousand four hundred seventy dollars ($1,470.00).

    8. Two-inch – Domestic: One thousand five hundred sixty dollars ($1,560.00).

    9. Two-inch – Irrigation: One thousand six hundred thirty-five dollars ($1,635.00).

    10. Two-inch – Fire, with DCVA: One thousand eight hundred ninety-five dollars ($1,895.00).

    11. Two-inch – Fire, no DCVA: One thousand three hundred eighty dollars ($1,380.00).

    12. Twenty-four inch concrete box installation – No excavation: One thousand one hundred sixty-five dollars ($1,165.00).

  4. Prices do not include the forty dollars ($40.00) processing fee for staff costs.

  5. If a utility offset is needed, the fee will be one thousand five hundred thirty dollars ($1,530.00).

  6. Work performed outside of normal business hours will be charged an additional seven hundred fifty dollars ($750.00).

  7. The fees in this section shall be adjusted as provided in SMC 13.04.2030.

  8. Permit shall be valid for twelve months after which it will expire and a new permit will be required.

Date Passed: Monday, November 24, 2014

Effective Date: Friday, January 2, 2015

ORD C35183 Section 14