City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

***Note: Many local criminal codes can now be located under Chapter 10.60 SMC while others are now cited under the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), which was incorporated into the municipal code in 2022. (See SMC 10.58.010). Code Enforcement, including Noise Control and Animal Regulations are located in Chapters 10.62 through 10.74.

Title 13
Chapter 13.04
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(Select All) Title 13 Public Utilities and Services

(Select All) Chapter 13.04 Water

Article I. General Provisions

Section 13.04.000 Title
Section 13.04.020 Water Fund
Section 13.04.030 Rates – Regulations
Section 13.04.040 Equipment – Projects – Minor Expenditures
Section 13.04.050 Applications
Section 13.04.0502 Applications for Connection
Section 13.04.0504 Application Information
Section 13.04.0506 Applicant to Furnish Building Permit
Section 13.04.0508 Building Construction or Repair – Report from Building Official
Section 13.04.0510 Effect of Application
Section 13.04.0512 Changes in Service
Section 13.04.060 Meter Required
Section 13.04.0602 Meter Supply
Section 13.04.0604 Authority Over Meters and Valves
Section 13.04.0606 Inspection/Reading of Meters
Section 13.04.0608 Testing Meters – Expense
Section 13.04.070 REPEALED (Materials – Removal for Nonpayment)
Section 13.04.080 Construction Specifications
Section 13.04.0802 Separate Service
Section 13.04.0804 Unauthorized Extensions Unlawful
Section 13.04.0806 Service Pipes – Cocks
Section 13.04.0808 Standpipe and Sprinkler Connections
Section 13.04.0810 Charge for Standpipe or Sprinkler
Section 13.04.0812 Actual Connections to be Made by Department
Section 13.04.0814 Purpose
Section 13.04.0816 Definitions
Section 13.04.0818 Cross-connections Prohibited – Nuisance Declared
Section 13.04.0820 Director’s Authority
Section 13.04.0822 Inspection and Testing – Customers to Cooperate
Section 13.04.0824 No Duty – Ratification
Section 13.04.090 Water Local Improvement District Waiver Agreement
Section 13.04.100 Protection of Service Facilities – Owner’s Obligations
Section 13.04.1002 Service Pipes and Connections Within Private Property – Repair and Protection from Freezing – Hot Water Damage
Section 13.04.1004 Securing Meters and Pipes Against Damage, Strain or Settling
Section 13.04.1006 Driveways – Removal or Protection of Service Pipes
Section 13.04.1008 Valves and Outlets Sealed – Fire Inspections
Section 13.04.110 Repairs on Private Property
Section 13.04.120 Entry of Premises – Testing
Section 13.04.130 Use of Fire Hydrants – Permits, Stop Valves and Stopcock
Section 13.04.140 Responsibility for Water Supply – Mains
Section 13.04.1402 Specific Municipal Disclaimer – Damage Prevention Devices
Section 13.04.150 Water Supply
Section 13.04.1502 Temporary Hookup
Section 13.04.1504 Interruption or Restriction of Service
Section 13.04.1506 Locale of Shut-off
Section 13.04.1508 Refusal of Service – No Rights Created
Section 13.04.160 Payment – Liens
Section 13.04.1602 Appointment of Agent for Multiple-dwelling Units
Section 13.04.170 Time of Commencement
Section 13.04.180 Abatement of Public Nuisance
Section 13.04.190 Prohibitions
Section 13.04.1902 Leaking Fixtures – Waste of Water
Section 13.04.1904 Stealing Water
Section 13.04.1906 Call-ins
Section 13.04.1908 Tampering
Section 13.04.1910 Unauthorized Keys
Section 13.04.1912 Bathing – Fishing
Section 13.04.1914 Contamination
Section 13.04.1916 Duty to Report Contamination
Section 13.04.1918 Obstructing Fire Hydrants
Section 13.04.1920 Miscellaneous Prohibitions
Section 13.04.1921 City Retail Water Service Area
Section 13.04.1922 Outside the City Water Service
Section 13.04.1925 Water Conservation Measures

Article II. Rates

Section 13.04.2002 City Residence Rates
Section 13.04.2004 City Commercial and Industrial Rates
Section 13.04.2005 City Planned Unit Developments (PUD)
Section 13.04.2006 Small Meter – Multi-meter
Section 13.04.2008 Construction Rates
Section 13.04.2010 Water for Private Fire Protection
Section 13.04.2012 Outside City Residence Rates
Section 13.04.2014 Outside City Rate to Other Purveyors
Section 13.04.2015 Outside City Planned Unit Developments (PUD)
Section 13.04.2016 Outside City Commercial and Industrial Rates
Section 13.04.20161 PDA Water Rates
Section 13.04.2017 Golf Course Irrigation Conservation Rate for Potable Water
Section 13.04.2018 Major Fraction
Section 13.04.2019 Water-Wastewater Capital Rates
Section 13.04.2020 REPEALED (Remote Reading Equipment Installation)
Section 13.04.2022 Other Charges
Section 13.04.2024 Hydrant Fees, Consumption Charges and Fines
Section 13.04.2025 Tap and Meter Requirements and Fees
Section 13.04.2026 Small Taps and Meters – Additional
Section 13.04.2028 Large Taps and Meters
Section 13.04.2030 Periodic Fee Adjustment

Article III. Water General Facilities Charge

Section 13.04.2040 Water General Facilities Charge General Provision – Long Connections
Section 13.04.2042 Water General Facilities Charge – Schedule of Charges
Section 13.04.2044 Appendix A – General Facilities Charge Schedule

Article IV. Violation – Penalty

Section 13.04.300 Penalties and Surcharges