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Spokane Municipal Code

***Note: Many local criminal codes can now be located under Chapter 10.60 SMC while others are now cited under the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), which was incorporated into the municipal code in 2022. (See SMC 10.58.010). Code Enforcement, including Noise Control and Animal Regulations are located in Chapters 10.62 through 10.74.

Title 16A
Chapter 16A.04
Section 16A.04.100

Title 16A Transportation

Chapter 16A.04 Definitions

Section 16A.04.100 Definitions
  1. Alley.

A public highway not designed for general travel and used primarily as a means of access to the rear of residences and business establishments. (RCW 46.04.020)

  1. Block Face.

One side of a street, inclusive of the public right-of-way between two consecutive features intersecting that street. The features can be other streets or boundaries of standard geographic areas.

  1. Charging Session.

An event starting when a user or a vehicle initiates a refueling event and stops when a user or a vehicle ends a refueling event (RCW 19.94.010)

  1. City Street or Street.

Every public highway, or part thereof located within the limits of cities and towns, except alleys. (RCW 46.04.120)

  1. Commercial Vehicle.

Any vehicle the principal use of which is the transportation of commodities, merchandise, produce, freight, animals, or passengers for hire. (RCW 46.04.140)

  1.  Congested District.

The area established within the Paid Parking Zone bounded and identified on the Paid Parking Zone Map.

  1. Definitions Generally.

Words and phrases, wherever used in this subtitle shall have the meaning ascribed to them in this Chapter except where otherwise defined, and unless where used the context thereof shall clearly indicate to the contrary. (RCW 46.04.010)

  1. Electric Vehicle.

Any vehicle that operates, either partially or exclusively, on electrical energy from (the grid or) an off-board source, that is stored on-board for motive purpose. Includes any one of the following:

    1. A "battery electric vehicle," any vehicle that operates exclusively on electrical energy from an off-board source that is stored in the vehicle's batteries and produces zero tailpipe emissions or pollution when stationary or operating.
    1. A "plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV)," an electric vehicle that a) contains an internal combustion engine and also allows power to be delivered to drive wheels by an electric motor; b) charges its battery primarily by connecting to the grid or other off-board electrical source; c) may additionally be able to sustain battery charge using an on-board internal-combustion-driven generator; and 4) has the ability to travel powered by electricity
    1. A "neighborhood electric vehicle," a self-propelled, electrically powered four-wheeled motor vehicle whose speed attainable in one mile is more than 20 miles per hour and not more than 25 miles per hour and conforms to federal regulations set forth in 49 C.F.R Sec. 571.500.
    1. A "medium-speed electric vehicle," a self-propelled, electrically powered four-wheeled motor vehicle, equipped with a roll cage or crush-proof body design, whose speed attainable in one mile is more than 25 miles per hour but not more than 35 miles per hour and otherwise meets or exceeds the federal regulations set forth in 49 C.F.R. Sec. 571.500.
  1. Electric Vehicle Parking Space.

Any signed parking space that identifies the use to be exclusively for the parking of an electric vehicle.

  1. Electric Vehicle Service Provider.

The entity responsible for operating one or more networked or nonnetworked electric vehicle supply equipment. Operating includes but is not limited to: Sending commands or messages to a networked electric vehicle supply equipment; receiving commands or messages from a networked electric vehicle supply equipment; or providing billing, maintenance, reservations, or other services to a nonnetworked or networked electric vehicle supply equipment. An electric vehicle service provider may designate another entity to act as the electric vehicle service provider for purposes of this chapter. A state agency, an electric utility as defined in RCW 19.405.020, or a municipal corporation as defined in RCW 39.69.010 is considered an electric vehicle service provider when responsible for operating one or more publicly available electric vehicle supply equipment. (RCW 19.94.010)

  1. Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment.

The unit controlling the power supply to one or more vehicles during a charging session (including, but not limited to, level 2 electric vehicle supply equipment and direct current fast chargers). (RCW 19.94.010)

  1. Entertainment Parking District (EPD).

The area established within the Paid Parking Zone for the purpose of meeting the specific operational and parking needs of the entertainment venues contained within the EPD as bounded and identified on the Paid Parking Zone Map.

  1. Fire Lane.

An area on public or private property reserved for providing Fire Department access to structures, firefighting fixtures, or equipment.

  1. Highway.

The entire width between the boundary lines of every way publicly maintained when any part thereof is open to the use of the public for purposes of vehicular travel. (RCW 46.04.197)

  1. Non-passenger Vehicle (NPV).

Any vehicle which does not meet the definition of a passenger vehicle (SMC 16A.04.100) which includes but is not limited to: any vehicle requiring a commercial safety fee, limousine, any vehicle with over a one ton (thirty-five hundred) rating, vehicle requiring a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to operate, farm vehicle, motor home, trailer of any type, camper, watercraft, or snowmobile.

  1. Paid Parking Zone.

Portions of streets which the parking of vehicles shall be controlled, regulated and inspected with the aid of devices, herein referred to as parking payment devices. The Paid Parking Zone is bounded and identified on the Paid Parking Zone Map.

  1. Park or Parking.

The standing of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, otherwise than temporarily for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading or unloading property or passengers. (RCW 46.04.381)

  1. Parking Holidays.

Except for parking spaces at Spokane International Airport and Felts Field as authorized by SMC 12.03.0600 and SMC 12.03.0602, or where otherwise indicated by signposting in the area or for individual spaces, parking spaces regulated by a parking payment device may be used without charge during all hours on: Sundays, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday, President’s Day – Third Monday in February, Memorial Day, Juneteenth, Independence Day – July 4th, Labor Day, Indigenous Peoples’ Day – Second Monday in October, Veteran’s Day – November 11th, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Where a foregoing holiday falls on a Sunday, the immediately following Monday is observed. On days designated in the foregoing, vehicles shall adhere to posted time limit regulations.

  1. Parking Manager.

The Director of Code Enforcement and Parking Services or their designee.

  1. Parking Payment Device.

Any device used to accept payment for parking, such as parking meters, pay station kiosks, mobile devices, or other methods approved by the Parking Manager.

  1. Parking Permit.

A privilege that allows its holder to access certain parking spaces and locations, which form includes, but is not limited to, a printed pass, decal, or electronic privilege associated with a specific vehicle license plate.

  1. Parking Space.

The area on or adjacent to the roadway in which to stop, stand, or park a vehicle that is controlled by a parking payment device designated by lines, curb paint, posted sign, meter decal, or other markings.

  1. Passenger Vehicle.

Every motor vehicle, except motorcycles and motor-driven cycles, designed for carrying ten (10) passengers or less and used for the transportation of persons.

  1. Public Right-of-Way

A right-of-way that is dedicated or deeded to the public for public use and under the control of a public agency.

  1. Residential Parking Permit Definitions

For the purposes of SMC 16A.06.070 only, the terms in this section have the following meanings:

  1. "Downtown residential parking district" or "DRPD" means a portion of the street commonly used for vehicular parking where vehicles properly displaying a parking permit or other city-approved authorization are exempt from the payment required pursuant to SMC 16A.05.280.
  1. “Downtown residential parking district permit" or “DRPD permit” means a printed pass, decal, electronic privilege associated with a specific vehicle license plate, or other identification issued to an eligible person to be displayed in or on the vehicle, as directed by the City, that enables it to park in a downtown residential parking district.
  1. "Resident" means any person residing in a household unit that is located within downtown residential parking district.
  1. "Household Unit" means any self-contained house, apartment, condominium, town house, detached or attached accessory dwelling unit, or group home that contains living, sleeping and cooking quarters and is used by of any number of related persons or up to six unrelated individuals. Each unit of a multiple-unit residential dwelling is considered a separate household unit.
  1. Retail Zone of the Congested District.

The area established within the Paid Parking Zone bounded and identified on the Paid Parking Zone Map.

  1. Roadway.

Portion of a highway improved, designed, or ordinarily used for vehicular travel, exclusive of the sidewalk or shoulder even though such sidewalk or shoulder is used by persons riding bicycles. In the event a highway includes two or more separated roadways, the term "roadway" shall refer to any such roadway separately but shall not refer to all such roadways collectively. (RCW 46.04.500)

  1. Safety Zone.

The area or space officially set apart within a roadway for the exclusive use of pedestrians and which is protected or is marked or indicated by painted marks, signs, buttons, standards, or otherwise, so as to be plainly discernible. (RCW 46.04.510)

  1. Stand or Standing.

The halting of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, otherwise than temporarily for the purpose of and while actually engaged in receiving or discharging passengers. (RCW 46.04.555)

  1. Stop or Stopping.

Any halting even momentarily of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the directions of a police officer or traffic control sign or signal. (RCW 46.04.566)

  1. Taxicab, Cab, or Taxi

A for-hire vehicle held out to the public as providing transportation for passengers and/or articles for compensation and:

  1. where the route traveled or destination is controlled by the customer;
  1. that carries signs or indicia of a “taxi,” “taxicab,” or “cab” and is equipped as described in SMC 10.34A.090;
  1. where the fare is based on an amount recorded and indicated on a taximeter or by a special contract rate; and
  1. where the vehicle is dispatched by radio or cell phone, or the ride is obtained by the use of a street hail.
  1. Temporary No Parking Zone
  1. A parking space where an approved temporary no parking zone has been established and designated by temporary sign(s), barricade(s), meter cover(s) or other devices approved by the Parking Manager.
  1. A temporary no parking zone will only become valid and enforceable if the zone has been established with signage for at least 24 hours giving notice that a vehicle will be removed if illegally parked in the zone and where such vehicle is interfering with the proper and intended use of such zones.
  1. Vehicle.

A device capable of being moved upon a street or alley and in, upon, or by which any person or property is or may be transported or drawn upon a public highway. "Vehicle" excludes, except where specifically referenced:

  1. A power wheelchair or device other than a bicycle moved by human or animal power or used exclusively upon stationary rails or tracks;
  1. A bicycle and a motorized foot scooter;
  1. An electric personal assistive mobility device and a motorized foot scooter; and,
  1. A golf cart.

Date Passed: Monday, July 10, 2023

Effective Date: Friday, August 18, 2023

ORD C36400 Section 3