City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 05A
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(Select All) Title 05A Municipal Court

Chapter 05A.01 Creation of Court
Chapter 05A.02 Jurisdiction
Chapter 05A.03 Violations Bureau
Chapter 05A.04 Disposition of Revenue
Chapter 05A.05 Judicial Officers
Chapter 05A.06 Municipal Court Employees
Chapter 05A.07 Court Sessions
Chapter 05A.08 Court Seal
Chapter 05A.09 Transfer within Municipal Court
Chapter 05A.10 Jury Trials and Fees
Chapter 05A.11 Sentencing
Chapter 05A.12 Issuance of Criminal Process
Chapter 05A.13 Criminal Prosecution
Chapter 05A.14 Pleadings, Practice and Procedure
Chapter 05A.15 Trial Court Improvement Account
Chapter 05A.16 Municipal Court as Quasi-Division Department of the City
Chapter 05A.17 Vacation of Misdemeanor Convictions
Chapter 05A.18 Spokane Municipal Therapeutic Courts