City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 03
Chapter 03.04
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(Select All) Title 03 Administration and Personnel

(Select All) Chapter 03.04 Employee Leave

Article I. Sick Leave

Section 03.04.010 Sick Leave Accrual
Section 03.04.020 Employees Entitled
Section 03.04.030 Eligible Reasons
Section 03.04.040 Duty to Report
Section 03.04.050 Computing Off Days
Section 03.04.060 Payroll Certification
Section 03.04.070 Coordination with Disability Benefits
Section 03.04.080 Transfer between Sick Leave and Vacation Accounts
Section 03.04.090 Payment Upon Retirement or Termination
Section 03.04.100 Payment Upon Death
Section 03.04.110 Effect of Fraud
Section 03.04.120 Maintaining Records

Article II. Vacation Leave

Section 03.04.200 Vacation Leave Accrual
Section 03.04.210 Employees Entitled
Section 03.04.220 Use and Deferral
Section 03.04.230 Payment Upon Termination or Forfeiture
Section 03.04.240 Payment Upon Death
Section 03.04.250 Maintaining Records