City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 07
Chapter 07.05
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(Select All) Title 07 Finance

(Select All) Chapter 07.05 Local Improvements

Article I. Rate Provisions

Section 07.05.010 Interim Warrant Interest Rates

Article II. Improvements at Substantial Risk

Section 07.05.020 Local Improvement Districts with Substantial Risks to the City
Section 07.05.021 Definitions
Section 07.05.022 Analysis
Section 07.05.023 Determination
Section 07.05.024 Agreement Required
Section 07.05.025 Determining Security for Assessments
Section 07.05.026 City Council Review
Section 07.05.027 Form of Security
Section 07.05.028 Release of Security

Article III. Time Provisions

Section 07.05.100 Time for Foreclosure

Article IV. Hearing Provisions

Section 07.05.400 Scope and Purpose of Article
Section 07.05.410 Authority of Hearing Examiner over Local Improvement Districts
Section 07.05.420 Required Hearings
Section 07.05.430 Time of Hearing
Section 07.05.440 Notice – Local Improvement District Formation Hearing
Section 07.05.450 Notice – Assessment Hearing
Section 07.05.460 Staff Report – Formation Hearing
Section 07.05.470 Staff Report – Local Improvement District Assessment Roll Hearing
Section 07.05.480 Testimony and Argument
Section 07.05.490 Criteria for Local Improvement District Formation Recommendation
Section 07.05.500 Criteria for Decision on Assessment Roll
Section 07.05.510 Report to the City Council
Section 07.05.520 Action by the City Council
Section 07.05.530 Right of Appeal
Section 07.05.540 Requirements for Appeal
Section 07.05.550 Processing of Appeal