City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 16A
Chapter 16A.61
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(Select All) Title 16A Transportation

(Select All) Chapter 16A.61 Rules of the Road

Section 16A.61.295 U-turns
Section 16A.61.381 Special Parking for Persons with Disabilities
Section 16A.61.550 Violations as Traffic Infractions
Section 16A.61.560 Stopping, Standing, or Parking Outside Business or Residence Districts
Section 16A.61.561 Parking Time Limited and Regulated
Section 16A.61.562 Parking Non-passenger and Commercial Vehicles in Residential Zones
Section 16A.61.563 Parking In Alley Regulated
Section 16A.61.564 Parking Restricted for Snow Removal or Other Street Needs
Section 16A.61.565 Parking in Manner as to Obstruct Traffic
Section 16A.61.566 Standing at Angle to Curb and Backing to Curb Regulated
Section 16A.61.567 Prohibited Parking Practices
Section 16A.61.570 Stopping, Standing, or Parking Prohibited in Specified Places – Reserving Portion of Highway Prohibited
Section 16A.61.5701 Establishment of Special Parking Zones
Section 16A.61.5702 Taxicab Zones
Section 16A.61.5703 Commercial Loading Zones
Section 16A.61.5704 Use of Passenger Zones
Section 16A.61.5705 Taxicabs and Buses to Park Only in Designated Stands – Rights of Other Vehicles in Zones
Section 16A.61.5706 No Parking in Fire Lane
Section 16A.61.5707 Police Vehicles Only
Section 16A.61.5708 Residential Area Parking Passes
Section 16A.61.575 Additional Parking Regulations
Section 16A.61.577 Impoundment of Unauthorized Vehicles on Public Property
Section 16A.61.581 Indication of Parking Space for Disabled Persons – Failure, Penalty
Section 16A.61.582 Free Parking by Disabled Persons
Section 16A.61.583 Special Plate or Card Issued by Another Jurisdiction
Section 16A.61.589 Appointment of Registered Disposers
Section 16A.61.590 Unattended Motor Vehicle – Removal from Highway
Section 16A.61.5902 Parking Meter Area Map
Section 16A.61.5903 Entertainment Parking District
Section 16A.61.5904 Installation of Parking Meters
Section 16A.61.5906 Parking Spaces Marked – Must Park in Stalls
Section 16A.61.5908 Method of Parking
Section 16A.61.5910 Parking Time Limit – Deposit of Coins – Maximum Parking Time – Certain Holidays Excepted – Parking Permit
Section 16A.61.5914 Feeding Meter Beyond Maximum Parking Time
Section 16A.61.5916 Unlawful to Park Against Meter Indication
Section 16A.61.5918 Must Use Lawful Coins
Section 16A.61.5921 No Parking at Metered Spaces with a Hooded Meter or Space Number Sign
Section 16A.61.5922 Penalties
Section 16A.61.5924 Failure to Comply with Notice of Violation
Section 16A.61.663 Ski Jogging
Section 16A.61.787 Sidewalk Riding and Parking Regulated
Section 16A.61.790 Vehicle Immobilization and Impoundment