City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 17A
Chapter 17A.010
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(Select All) Title 17A Administration

(Select All) Chapter 17A.010 General Administration

Section 17A.010.002 Intent and Purpose
Section 17A.010.004 Title
Section 17A.010.010 Source of the Code
Section 17A.010.020 General Purpose
Section 17A.010.025 Scope and Application
Section 17A.010.030 Responsibility of Owners
Section 17A.010.040 Completion Performance Bonds
Section 17A.010.050 Conflict between Chapters
Section 17A.010.060 Interpretation
Section 17A.010.070 Delegation of Administration
Section 17A.010.080 Conditions of Approval
Section 17A.010.090 Public Record of Decision
Section 17A.010.100 Responsibility of Applicant
Section 17A.010.110 Severability
Section 17A.010.120 Saving