City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 07
Chapter 07.06
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(Select All) Title 07 Finance

(Select All) Chapter 07.06 Procurement of Goods, Services and Works

Article I. General Provisions

Section 07.06.010 Purpose
Section 07.06.020 Designees
Section 07.06.0225 Competitive Bidding Consideration of Tax Revenues
Section 07.06.030 Guidelines
Section 07.06.035 “Committee to Receive Bids” Defined
Section 07.06.040 “Contract” Defined
Section 07.06.045 “Labor Standards” Defined
Section 07.06.050 “Goods” Defined
Section 07.06.060 “Minor Contract” Defined
Section 07.06.070 “Personal Service” Defined
Section 07.06.080 “Public Work” Defined
Section 07.06.090 “Purchasing” Defined
Section 07.06.097 Use of Credit Cards

Article II. Public Bidding and Other Provisions

Section 07.06.100 Application
Section 07.06.110 Invitation
Section 07.06.120 Bid Opening
Section 07.06.130 Evaluation
Section 07.06.140 Intergovernmental Purchase Contracts – Interlocal Purchase Agreements
Section 07.06.150 Award
Section 07.06.155 Bid Protests
Section 07.06.160 Alternatives to Public Bidding
Section 07.06.162 REPEALED (Streets)
Section 07.06.165 Small Works Roster
Section 07.06.167 Limited Public Works Process
Section 07.06.170 Sole Source Procurement
Section 07.06.171 Ban on the Purchase and Use of Products or Products in Packaging by the City of Spokane That Contains Neonicotinoids
Section 07.06.172 Preference for Products and Products in Packaging That Does Not Contain Polychlorinated Biphenyls
Section 07.06.173 Purchase of Used Goods
Section 07.06.174 Purchasing and Procurement Preference for Reusable Products, Recycled-Content Products and Recyclable Products
Section 07.06.175 REPEALED (Procurement of Fuel Efficient Vehicles)
Section 07.06.175A Procurement of Clean Fuel Vehicles
Section 07.06.177 REPEALED (Data Processing and Telecommunications Systems)
Section 07.06.180 Emergency Procurement
Section 07.06.182 Repair or Maintenance of Equipment
Section 07.06.185 Purchase from Published Price Lists
Section 07.06.190 Minor Procurement
Section 07.06.200 Cancellation of Invitations for Bids
Section 07.06.210 Inspection of Contractor’s Plant and Records
Section 07.06.220 Specifications – Maximum Practicable Competition

Article III. Contracts and Their Execution

Section 07.06.230 Types of Contracts – General Authority
Section 07.06.240 Multi-term Contracts
Section 07.06.250 Contracts - Execution
Section 07.06.255 REPEALED (Facility Leases)
Section 07.06.260 Minor Contracts - Execution
Section 07.06.261 Interlocal Purchase Agreements
Section 07.06.262 Change Orders - Contract Amendments
Section 07.06.264 Final Acceptance of Public Works Contracts
Section 07.06.267 Engineering Administration
Section 07.06.269 REPEALED (Riverfront Park Film Showings)
Section 07.06.270 Purchase Order Contracts
Section 07.06.271 Spokane Employees'Retirement System (SERS) Contracts
Section 07.06.272 REPEALED (Motor Vehicle Leases by Police Department)
Section 07.06.274 Extra Duty Police Security
Section 07.06.275 Approval of Payment
Section 07.06.276 Withholding of Payment

Article IV. Architect – Engineer – Land Surveyor Services

Section 07.06.280 Public Announcement
Section 07.06.290 Selection Process
Section 07.06.295 REPEALED (Minor Architect – Engineering Contracts)
Section 07.06.300 Negotiations

Article V. Bid Security and Performance Bonds

Section 07.06.310 Bid Security - Public Works
Section 07.06.320 Performance and Payment Bonds - Public Works
Section 07.06.330 Bid and Performance Bonds on Purchase and Other Contracts

Article VI. Remedies

Section 07.06.340 Remedies for Solicitations or Awards in Violation of Law

Article VII. Municipal Art Policy

Section 07.06.400 Municipal Art Projects
Section 07.06.410 Definitions
Section 07.06.420 Funding Works of Art
Section 07.06.430 Spokane Arts Commission

Article VIII. Bidder Responsibility

Section 07.06.500 Bidder/Contractor Responsibility Criteria (Mandatory)
Section 07.06.510 Subcontractor Responsibility Criteria (Mandatory)
Section 07.06.520 Supplemental Bidder Responsibility Criteria
Section 07.06.530 Modifications to the Supplemental Bidder Responsibility Criteria
Section 07.06.540 Definitions
Section 07.06.550 REPEALED (Reporting Requirements)
Section 07.06.560 Conflicts with Federal and State Laws
Section 07.06.570 Failure to Disclose or False Information

Article IX. Suspension and Debarment

Section 07.06.600 Authority to Order Debarment and to Grant Exceptions
Section 07.06.610 Grounds for Debarment
Section 07.06.620 Procedures

Article X. Public Works Apprentice Program

Section 07.06.700 Intent
Section 07.06.710 Definitions
Section 07.06.720 Administration of Apprenticeship Program
Section 07.06.730 Waiver of Reduction of Goals
Section 07.06.740 Exemption Related to Federal or State Grant Funding
Section 07.06.750 Incentives for Certain Apprenticeships
Section 07.06.760 Penalty
Section 07.06.770 Appeals
Section 07.06.780 Administrative Procedures