City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

***Note: Many local criminal codes can now be located under Chapter 10.60 SMC while others are now cited under the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), which was incorporated into the municipal code in 2022. (See SMC 10.58.010). Code Enforcement, including Noise Control and Animal Regulations are located in Chapters 10.62 through 10.74.

Title 08
Chapter 08.02
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(Select All) Title 08 Taxation and Revenue

(Select All) Chapter 08.02 Fees and Charges

Article I. General Provisions

Section 08.02.010 General Provisions
Section 08.02.011 Administrative Regulations

Article II. Business and Occupation Licenses and Permits

Section 08.02.0201 REPEALED (Aircraft Refueling)
Section 08.02.0202 Entertainment Facilities
Section 08.02.0204 Building Contractors and Workers
Section 08.02.0206 Business Registrations
Section 08.02.0207 New Business – Fire Department Safety Evaluations
Section 08.02.0208 REPEALED (Detectives and Security Guards)
Section 08.02.0209 REPEALED (Fireworks)
Section 08.02.0210 For-hire Vehicles and Drivers
Section 08.02.0212 Newspaper Dispensers
Section 08.02.0213 Temporary Business License
Section 08.02.0214 Special Police Officer
Section 08.02.0216 REPEALED (Tank Vehicles)
Section 08.02.0219 REPEALED (Weights and Measures)
Section 08.02.0220 Sidewalk Cafes
Section 08.02.0221 REPEALED (Fumigation)
Section 08.02.0222 REPEALED (Application of Flammable Finishes)
Section 08.02.0223 REPEALED (Dry Cleaning)
Section 08.02.0224 REPEALED (Fruit Ripening)
Section 08.02.0225 REPEALED (Magnesium Working)
Section 08.02.0226 Registered Servicers/Designers/Central Reporting Agencies
Section 08.02.0227 REPEALED (Dealer in Used Goods)
Section 08.02.0229 Infectious Waste Collector
Section 08.02.0230 REPEALED (Aerosol Products)
Section 08.02.0231 REPEALED (Cellulose Nitrate Film)
Section 08.02.0232 Commercial Tree License
Section 08.02.0233 REPEALED (Medical Cannabis Collective Garden Regulatory License)
Section 08.02.0234 Mobile Food Vendor Permit
Section 08.02.0235 Parklets and Streateries

Article III. Building and Construction Permits

Section 08.02.030 Boiler Code
Section 08.02.031 Building Code
Section 08.02.032 Electrical Code
Section 08.02.033 Elevator Code
Section 08.02.034 Fire Code
Section 08.02.035 Mechanical Code
Section 08.02.036 Plumbing Code
Section 08.02.037 Sewer Code
Section 08.02.0371 Water Code
Section 08.02.038 Shorelines Management
Section 08.02.039 Special Inspections and Other Fees

Article IV. Collection of Accounts

Section 08.02.040 Local Improvement Assessments
Section 08.02.041 Utility Accounts
Section 08.02.042 Appeal from Local Improvement Assessment
Section 08.02.043 Interest and Penalty

Article V. Court Fees and Fines

Section 08.02.050 Filing Fees
Section 08.02.051 Civil Proceedings
Section 08.02.052 Criminal Proceedings

Article VI. Land Use and Occupancy

Section 08.02.060 Building Code
Section 08.02.061 Environmental Policy
Section 08.02.0615 Fire Code – Annual Fees
Section 08.02.0616 Fire Hazard from Vegetation and Debris
Section 08.02.0617 Liquid Storage Tanks and Containers
Section 08.02.062 Franchises
Section 08.02.063 Parks
Section 08.02.064 Plats
Section 08.02.065 Streets and Airspace
Section 08.02.0655 Private Construction Plan Review and Inspection
Section 08.02.066 Zoning
Section 08.02.0665 Design Review
Section 08.02.067 Existing Building and Conservation Code
Section 08.02.0675 Annual Foreclosure Property Registration Fee
Section 08.02.068 Obstruction from Vegetation and Debris
Section 08.02.069 Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Code Amendments
Section 08.02.0692 Refund of Land Use and Occupancy Permit Fees
Section 08.02.0694 REPEALED (Fees for Developments Requiring Multiple Permits)
Section 08.02.0695 Multifamily Housing Property Tax Incentive Program
Section 08.02.0696 Concurrency Inquiry Application Fee

Article VII. Public Utilities

Section 08.02.070 Garbage and Refuse Rates
Section 08.02.071 Sewer Rates and Fees
Section 08.02.073 Water Rates

Article VIII. Miscellaneous Charges

Section 08.02.080 Animals
Section 08.02.081 Dangerous Dog Registration
Section 08.02.082 Inherently Dangerous Animal Fees
Section 08.02.083 Fees & Charges
Section 08.02.085 Historic Preservation
Section 08.02.086 REPEALED (Fire Code)
Section 08.02.087 Appeals
Section 08.02.088 False Alarms
Section 08.02.089 Special Permits For Oversize Or Overweight Movements
Section 08.02.090 Short-term Rental License Fee