City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 17D
Chapter 17D.100
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(Select All) Title 17D City-wide Standards

(Select All) Chapter 17D.100 Historic Preservation

Section 17D.100.010 Purposes
Section 17D.100.015 Applicability
Section 17D.100.020 Historic Landmarks and Districts – Designation
Section 17D.100.025 Compatibility of Historic Standards with Title 17 Development Standards
Section 17D.100.030 Historic Landmarks and Historic Districts – Submittal Process
Section 17D.100.040 Procedure - Preliminary Designation
Section 17D.100.050 Procedure - Findings of Fact
Section 17D.100.060 Procedure - Notification of Results
Section 17D.100.070 Procedure - Council or Board Action
Section 17D.100.080 Procedure - Appeal of Preliminary Designation
Section 17D.100.090 Procedure - Appeal of Council or Board Action
Section 17D.100.100 Property Management and Design Standards – Agreement
Section 17D.100.110 Procedure - Final Designation of Landmarks and Districts
Section 17D.100.200 Certificates of Appropriateness - When Required
Section 17D.100.210 Certificates of Appropriateness – Procedure
Section 17D.100.215 Vesting Project Permits
Section 17D.100.220 Certificates of Appropriateness – Demolition of Historic Landmarks or Contributing Resources Within Spokane Register Historic Districts
Section 17D.100.230 Demolition Permits for Historic Structures in the Downtown Boundary Area and National Register Historic Districts
Section 17D.100.240 Economic Hardship Determination
Section 17D.100.250 Negotiated Standards
Section 17D.100.260 Negotiated Standards - Approved Process
Section 17D.100.270 Negotiated Standards - Arbitration and Appeal
Section 17D.100.280 Browne’s Addition Local Historic District Overlay Zone
Section 17D.100.300 Waiver of Review
Section 17D.100.310 Review and Monitoring of Properties for Special Property Tax Valuation
Section 17D.100.320 Incentives
Section 17D.100.330 Project Permit Exclusion
Section 17D.100.400 Enforcement; Violations; Penalty