City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

***Note: Many local criminal codes can now be located under Chapter 10.60 SMC while others are now cited under the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), which was incorporated into the municipal code in 2022. (See SMC 10.58.010). Code Enforcement, including Noise Control and Animal Regulations are located in Chapters 10.62 through 10.74.

Title 13
Chapter 13.03A
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(Select All) Title 13 Public Utilities and Services

(Select All) Chapter 13.03A Pretreatment

Article I. General Provisions

Section 13.03A.0101 Purpose and Objectives [1.1]
Section 13.03A.0102 Administration – Revision – Initiation [1.2]
Section 13.03A.0103 Definitions [1.3]
Section 13.03A.0104 Abbreviations [1.4]
Section 13.03A.0105 Incorporation – Headings – Interpretation
Section 13.03A.0106 Legislative History – Comments
Section 13.03A.0107 No Special Duty Created
Section 13.03A.0108 Computation of Time
Section 13.03A.0109 Severability and Savings Clause

Article II. General Requirements

Section 13.03A.0200 Industrial User Survey
Section 13.03A.0201 Prohibited Discharge Standards [2.1]
Section 13.03A.0202 Federal Categorical Pretreatment Standards [2.2]
Section 13.03A.0203 State Requirements
Section 13.03A.0204 Local Limits [2.4]
Section 13.03A.0205 Right of Revision [2.5]
Section 13.03A.0206 Special Agreement [2.6]
Section 13.03A.0207 Dilution [2.7]
Section 13.03A.0208 Pretreatment Facilities [2.8]
Section 13.03A.0209 Deadline for Compliance with Applicable Pretreatment Standards [2.9]
Section 13.03A.0210 Additional Pretreatment [2.10]
Section 13.03A.0211 Accidental Spill Prevention Plans/Slug Control Plans [2.11]
Section 13.03A.0212 Hauled Wastewater [2.12]
Section 13.03A.0213 Causing, Contributing to Sewer Overflow Events

Article III. Wastewater Discharge Permit

Section 13.03A.0300 Wastewater Discharge Permit Requirement – Individual, General Permits
Section 13.03A.0301 Permits as to Existing Sources, Existing Users [3.1]
Section 13.03A.0302 Permits as to New Sources, New Users [3.2]
Section 13.03A.0303 Discharge Permit – Extrajurisdictional Users [3.3]
Section 13.03A.0304 Discharge Permit Application Contents [3.4]
Section 13.03A.03042 Combined Wastestream Formula – Fundamentally Different Factors modifications [3.4 part] - REPEALED
Section 13.03A.0305 Signatory and Certification Requirement [3.5]
Section 13.03A.0306 Discharge Permit Decisions [3.6]
Section 13.03A.0307 Discharge Permit Contents [3.7]
Section 13.03A.0308 Permit Appeals
Section 13.03A.0309 [RESERVED]
Section 13.03A.0310 Permit Modification [3.10]
Section 13.03A.0311 Permit Transfer [3.11]
Section 13.03A.0312 Discharge Permit Revocation, Suspension [3.12]
Section 13.03A.0313 Discharge Permit Renewal [3.13]
Section 13.03A.0314 Regulation of Wastewater Received from Other Jurisdictions

Article IV. Reporting Requirements

Section 13.03A.0401 Baseline Monitoring Reports [4.1]
Section 13.03A.0402 Compliance Report Deadlines – Initial Reports [4.2]
Section 13.03A.0403 Periodic Compliance Reports [4.3]
Section 13.03A.0404 Compliance Schedules to Meet Applicable Pretreatment Requirements [4.4]
Section 13.03A.0405 Notification of Significant Production Changes [4.5]
Section 13.03A.0406 REPEALED (Hazardous Waste Notification [4.6])
Section 13.03A.0407 Notice of Potential Problems, Accidental Spills, Slug Loads [4.7]
Section 13.03A.0408 Non-compliance Reporting [4.8 modified]
Section 13.03A.0409 Notice of Changed Discharge [4.9]
Section 13.03A.0410 Notice from Users Without Permits [4.10]
Section 13.03A.0411 Record Keeping [4.11]
Section 13.03A.0412 Electronic Reporting

Article V. Sampling and Analytical Requirements

Section 13.03A.0501 Sampling Requirements for Users [5.1]
Section 13.03A.0502 Analytical Requirements [5.2]
Section 13.03A.0503 City Monitoring of User Wastewater [5.3]

Article VI. Compliance Monitoring

Section 13.03A.0601 Inspection and Sampling [6.1]
Section 13.03A.0602 Monitoring Facilities [6.2]
Section 13.03A.0603 Search Warrants [6.3]
Section 13.03A.0604 Vandalism, Tampering, Disturbing Equipment or Property [6.4]

Article VII. Confidential Information

Section 13.03A.0701 Confidential Information

Article VIII. Publication of Users in Significant Noncompliance

Section 13.03A.0801 Annual Publication of Violators

Article IX. Administrative Enforcement Remedies

Section 13.03A.0901 Administrative Enforcement Process [9.1]
Section 13.03A.0902 Other Administrative Options [9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 9.5]
Section 13.03A.0903 Suspension, Termination of Service Orders [9.7, 9.8]
Section 13.03A.0904 Administrative Appeals
Section 13.03A.0906 Administrative Fines [9.6]

Article X. Judicial Remedies

Section 13.03A.1001 Civil Penalties [10.2]
Section 13.03A.1002 Injunctive Relief [10.1]
Section 13.03A.1003 Criminal Prosecution [10.3]
Section 13.03A.1004 Remedies Nonexclusive [10.4]
Section 13.03A.1005 Violation of this Chapter

Article XI. Supplemental Enforcement Measures

Section 13.03A.1101 Bond, Security for Performance [11.1]
Section 13.03A.1102 Liability Insurance [11.2]
Section 13.03A.1103 [RESERVED]
Section 13.03A.1104 Public Nuisance [11.4]
Section 13.03A.1105 REPEALED (Informant Rewards [11.5])
Section 13.03A.1106 Contractor Listing [11.6]

Article XII. Affirmative Defenses to Discharge Violations

Section 13.03A.1201 Upset [12.1]
Section 13.03A.1202 Prohibited Discharge Standards Affirmative Defenses [12.2]
Section 13.03A.1203 Bypass Affirmative Defenses [12.3]
Section 13.03A.1204 Burden of Proof

Article XIV. Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 13.03A.1401 Pretreatment Fees [14.1]

Article XV. Appendices

Section 13.03A.1501 REPEALED (Appendix A to 40 Code of Federal Regulations Part 423 – 126 Priority Pollutants)
Section 13.03A.1502 REPEALED (Appendix D to 40 Code of Federal Regulations Part 122 – NPDES Permit Application Testing Requirements (§ 122.21))