City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

Title 17G
Chapter 17G.010
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(Select All) Title 17G Administration and Procedures

(Select All) Chapter 17G.010 Building and Construction Permits

Section 17G.010.010 Exemption from Permits
Section 17G.010.020 Validity of Permits
Section 17G.010.030 Expiration of Building Permits
Section 17G.010.040 Expiration of Building Permit Plan Review
Section 17G.010.050 Suspension or Revocation of Permits
Section 17G.010.060 Applicability to Single and Multifamily Residential Buildings
Section 17G.010.070 Eligibility of Applicants – Permits Issued Pursuant to the Land Use Codes
Section 17G.010.080 Stop Work Order
Section 17G.010.090 Cost of Enforcement
Section 17G.010.100 Types of Permits
Section 17G.010.110 Ministerial Permit Categorically Exempt from the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA)
Section 17G.010.120 Ministerial Permits Not Categorically Exempt from SEPA and Discretionary Permits
Section 17G.010.130 Application Submission Requirements – Ministerial Permits Exempt from SEPA
Section 17G.010.140 Applicant Requirements
Section 17G.010.150 Special Application Requirements for Commercial Building Permits
Section 17G.010.160 Application for Approval of Encroachment
Section 17G.010.170 Application for Certificate of Occupancy
Section 17G.010.180 Application for Safety Certification
Section 17G.010.190 Application for Contractor Licensure
Section 17G.010.200 Application for Worker’s License
Section 17G.010.210 Application for Permits for Special Activities
Section 17G.010.220 Application for Underground and Aboveground Storage Tanks
Section 17G.010.230 Applications for Engineering Services Private Projects
Section 17G.010.240 Effect of Approval
Section 17G.010.250 Time for Issuance of Approval
Section 17G.010.260 Effective Time of Approval