City of Spokane

Spokane Municipal Code

***Note: Many local criminal codes can now be located under Chapter 10.60 SMC while others are now cited under the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), which was incorporated into the municipal code in 2022. (See SMC 10.58.010). Code Enforcement, including Noise Control and Animal Regulations are located in Chapters 10.62 through 10.74.

Title 13
Chapter 13.02
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(Select All) Title 13 Public Utilities and Services

(Select All) Chapter 13.02 Solid Waste

Section 13.02.0000 Title

Article I. Definitions

Section 13.02.0100 Definitions
Section 13.02.0102 City
Section 13.02.0104 Collection Day
Section 13.02.0106 Collection Service – Kinds of Service
Section 13.02.0108 Combined City Utilities Bill
Section 13.02.0109 Construction, Demolition and Landclearing Waste
Section 13.02.0110 Customer – Giving Notice
Section 13.02.0112 Departments
Section 13.02.0114 Director
Section 13.02.0116 Generator
Section 13.02.0118 Health Officer
Section 13.02.0119 Incidental Hauling
Section 13.02.01191 Permitted Facility
Section 13.02.0120 Person
Section 13.02.0122 Premises – Premises with Multi-unit Dwellings
Section 13.02.0124 Recyclable Materials
Section 13.02.0125 Solid Waste Permit
Section 13.02.0126 Solid Waste - Separated Wastes
Section 13.02.0127 Specialized Solid Waste Handling Equipment
Section 13.02.0128 Spokane County Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan
Section 13.02.0130 Transfer Station
Section 13.02.0134 Waste-to-Energy Plant

Article II. General Provisions

Section 13.02.0200 Universal Service by the City
Section 13.02.0202 Compulsory Service
Section 13.02.0204 Private Hauling Prohibited – Special Reports – Solid Waste Franchises – Commercial Recycling – Construction, Demolition and Landclearing Waste
Section 13.02.0206 Authority of the Director
Section 13.02.0208 Stopping Service – In General
Section 13.02.0210 Rates and Regulations
Section 13.02.0212 May Charge by Weight or Volume – Director may Set Charges
Section 13.02.0214 Equipment – Projects – Expenditures
Section 13.02.0216 Taking of or Snooping in Garbage or Recyclables Prohibited
Section 13.02.0218 Theft of Collection Service Prohibited
Section 13.02.0220 All Materials Deemed Abandoned – No Claim Recognized
Section 13.02.0222 Burning, Burying, On-site Private Disposal Prohibited – Compost Exception
Section 13.02.0224 Abatement of Public Nuisance
Section 13.02.0226 Property Clean-up – Right-of-way Obstructions
Section 13.02.0228 Designation of Area as “Premises” for Billing, Enforcement
Section 13.02.0230 Inspections, Testing, Monitoring may be Ordered
Section 13.02.0232 Deposits – Mandatory Combined Billing
Section 13.02.0234 Allocation of Payments Received
Section 13.02.0236 Refuse-only Accounts
Section 13.02.0238 Underbilling – Overbilling
Section 13.02.0240 Liability for Payment – Transfer to Another Account
Section 13.02.0242 Unpaid Charges a Lien
Section 13.02.0244 No Gift, Credit or Free Service
Section 13.02.0246 Solid Waste Collection Franchisees – Minimum Service Levels – Reasonable Rates
Section 13.02.0248 Service Outside City Limits

Article III. Collection

Section 13.02.0300 Weekly Collection Mandatory – Exception for Temporary Service
Section 13.02.0302 Sufficient Service Required
Section 13.02.0304 Vacancies – Changes in Service Needs
Section 13.02.0306 Days of Service – Holidays
Section 13.02.0308 Director Sets Routes
Section 13.02.0310 Collection Schedule – Container Placement Deadlines
Section 13.02.0312 Central City (Business District Downtown) Collection Area
Section 13.02.0314 Containers Must be Ready at Pickup Location
Section 13.02.0316 Customer Responsible to Accommodate Departmental Collection Vehicle and Equipment Weight, Clearance Needs
Section 13.02.0318 Pickup Area – Containers to be Clean – Additional Charges
Section 13.02.0320 Container Location – Combustibles Separated
Section 13.02.0322 Premises Generating Food or Other Putrescible Wastes
Section 13.02.0324 Address Displayed – Visible at Pickup Site
Section 13.02.0326 Lids to be Kept on Containers
Section 13.02.0328 Overweight Commercial Container – Volume Overloading Containers Forbidden
Section 13.02.0330 Bulky Loading Prohibited
Section 13.02.0332 Assistance to Elderly and/or Disabled Individuals
Section 13.02.0334 Compaction Container Requirements
Section 13.02.0336 Residential Containers
Section 13.02.0338 Commercial Containers
Section 13.02.0340 Customers Must Use Only Approved Containers
Section 13.02.0342 Owner Responsible for Containers
Section 13.02.0344 Containers, Equipment Furnished “As Is”
Section 13.02.0346 Adequate Foundation for Collection Vehicle, Container
Section 13.02.0348 Customer Accepts Risk of Loss or Damage from Normal Operations
Section 13.02.0350 Premises Site Plan Approval for Solid Waste Collection Area Required
Section 13.02.0352 Commercial Container Site Location Requirements
Section 13.02.0354 Container Weight Limits
Section 13.02.0356 Special Arrangements for Loads in Excess of Ten Tons
Section 13.02.0358 Minimum Service – Multi-unit Dwellings
Section 13.02.0360 Limit on Thirty-two Gallon Cart Rate Use
Section 13.02.0364 Unacceptable Wastes
Section 13.02.0366 Unacceptable Wastes – Special Arrangements – Additional Charges
Section 13.02.0368 Collection Service Stopped for Enforcement Reasons
Section 13.02.0370 Charges Continue

Article IV. Recycling

Section 13.02.0400 General Rules Apply to Recyclable-collection Operations
Section 13.02.0402 Recycling Containers to be Used
Section 13.02.0404 Recycling – Residential-use Premises – Nonresidential-use Premises
Section 13.02.0406 Materials Included in Residential Curbside Recycling Collection
Section 13.02.0408 Materials Included in Nonresidential Recycling Collection
Section 13.02.0410 Materials Accepted for Recycling at Transfer Station or Waste-to-Energy Plant
Section 13.02.0412 Recyclable Materials to be Prepared for Convenient Collection

Article V. Residential and Commercial Rates

Section 13.02.0500 Residential Service Schedule
Section 13.02.0502 Residential Service Rates
Section 13.02.0504 Commercial Service Rates – Dumpsters
Section 13.02.0506 Commercial Service Rates – Rolloffs
Section 13.02.0508 Commercial Container Service, Placement
Section 13.02.0510 Commercial Service Rates – Compactors
Section 13.02.0512 Return Trip Charges
Section 13.02.0514 Additional Charges for Commercial Containers
Section 13.02.0516 Container Replacement Charges
Section 13.02.0518 Container Cleaning, Pressure Wash, Refurbishment Charge
Section 13.02.0520 Temporary Account
Section 13.02.0522 Container Dump Requests
Section 13.02.0524 Baled Refuse
Section 13.02.0526 Special Handling
Section 13.02.0528 Rates for Equipment and Labor – Packer and Nonpacker
Section 13.02.0530 REPEALED (Small Animal Remains)

Article VI. Recycling Rates

Section 13.02.0550 Rolloff Recycling Rates – Customer Arrangements
Section 13.02.0552 Recycling Rates – Nonresidential – Residential Premises with Multi-unit Dwellings Premises – Additional
Section 13.02.0554 Clean Green Yard Waste Collection

Article VII. Disposal Rates

Section 13.02.0560 General Mixed Solid Waste – Tonnage Fee
Section 13.02.0561 Self Haul Transaction Fee
Section 13.02.0562 Compost
Section 13.02.0563 Waste Tires
Section 13.02.0564 REPEALED (Demolition Debris – Flat Rate Plus Volume Charge)
Section 13.02.0566 Nonprofit Waste Reduction Corporation
Section 13.02.0568 Estimates Allowed
Section 13.02.0570 Uncovered Loads
Section 13.02.0572 Weight Slips

Article VIII. Additional

Section 13.02.0600 Repeal and Savings
Section 13.02.0605 No Special Duty
Section 13.02.0610 Penalty
Section 13.02.0615 Provisions Supplemental – Preemption
Section 13.02.0620 Severability