Economic Development Strategy

The City of Spokane has adopted an Economic Development Strategy to implement the City's Comprehensive Plan and growth strategies to encourage private investments in targeted areas where public invests are and will be made it the near future.

The Targeted Area Development strategy brings alignment with capital infrastructure plans, community development, neighborhood planning and incentives policies, brownfield redevelopment and it clarifies the City's role in economic development.

It is recognized that a fundamental objective of the City's economic development policy is to align public investments in neighborhood planning, community development and infrastructure development with private sector investments, resulting in increased opportunities for business growth and to provide its citizens with safe, affordable and quality residential living environments. The new and expanded business activity within the City of Spokane will spur additional economic growth, provide living wage jobs, improve neighborhoods, increase property values, increase tax collections, raise wages and median income and enhance the standard of living of all citizens in the City.

Please take few moments to complete the Applicant Investment Questionnaire. The questionnaire is completely voluntary, but your answers will be very helpful in determining which economic incentives your investment project may qualify for early on in the application process. It is recommended that both the property and business owners fill out the questionnaire together, along with or other parties who are involved in the project. Thank you, staff is looking forward to helping your project move forward.