Environmental Programs

Environmental Programs envisions a sustainable environment, thriving quality of life, and vital economy for all City of Spokane operations and community.

We serve our community by providing guidance through analysis, data, and science-based strategies to inform environmental initiatives for the leaders of Spokane.

2023 Environmental Highlights

City of Spokane is unique. It owns and operates most of its own utilities and services. The operations of City facilities take care of your daily needs while conserving materials and resources, generating power, and saving citizens money. Many by generating and reusing their own energy. Check out all that we did in 2023!

What is a Greenhouse Gas Inventory?

A community greenhouse gas inventory is an accounting report of all the activities that a community does that create greenhouse gases like how much energy buildings use, vehicles on the road, and how much waste is produced. The goal of reporting is to determine the amount of greenhouse gases City of Spokane operations are producing and to identify ways to reduce emissions. Reducing emissions makes the City a cleaner and healthier place to live, while saving money if resources are conserved.

2019 Greenhouse Gas Inventory

The City has committed to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions within its community and governmental operations. View our Greenhouse Gas Inventory Results.

City Facilities and Operations

Unlike some cities, the City of Spokane owns and operates many utilities. The local government greenhouse gas inventory reflects the ownership of those facilities and their emissions. To gain a better understanding of these important facilities, check out these additional resources:

Make a Difference

Learn more about how the City and you can make a difference, check out these programs:

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For more information about Environmental Programs, please contact us at EnvPrograms@spokanecity.org

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