You Don't Have to Move to Live in a Better Neighborhood

View of Downtown Spokane and Spokane River at Sunset

The Office of Neighborhood Services (ONS) assists Spokane's 29 neighborhoods with a variety of programs, like traffic calming, organizing graffiti and neighborhood clean-up events, and engaging residents. The goal of these programs is to engage people in local government, build stronger, communities, and improve the quality of life.

Each neighborhood is well known for their distinctive character that draws residents and business owners in. According to the Spokane City Charter, residents and business owners of each neighborhood have the ability to organize as a neighborhood council.

To learn more and find out what neighborhood you live in, visit our neighborhood council page.

Report illegal camping, abandoned vehicles or other code and zoning violations at, through our mobile app My Spokane 311, or by calling 3-1-1 (509.755.2489).