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The Fire Prevention Division provides information and responds to complaints regarding a variety of subjects such as emergency planning, hazardous materials storage, fire and life safety hazards, outdoor burning, and permits. If you have questions or concerns regarding any of the following please contact us.

Public Education Related to Fire and Life Safety

The Community Risk Reduction Manager provides educational information to enhance public awareness about fire and life safety issues. A variety of community outreach programs are available to meet the needs of both children and adults. This includes the Youth Firesetter Prevention educational program and the Children's Fire Safety House. Fire prevention and life safety videos are run each month through Spokane City Cable 5.

Life-Safety Related Code Compliance and Development

Fire Prevention District Inspectors assigned to this division are responsible for a variety of duties including conducting site and building inspections, issuing permits, managing reports and records, notifying others of fire hazards, and enforcing fire codes.

Permit Issuance

The Fire Prevention Bureau issues construction and operational permits for a variety of occupancies, processes, and events. For more specific information contact the Fire Prevention Bureau's information line.

Special Event Planning

The Fire Prevention Bureau Special Events Coordinator ensures that all special events and activities requiring fire department approval are safe and conducted in accordance with applicable codes within the City of Spokane.

New Construction Plan Review and Inspections

The SFD Fire Protection Engineer reviews new and remodeled building construction plans for conformance with Spokane Municipal and International Fire Code requirements and represents the Spokane Fire Department on various committees relating to other City of Spokane codes.

Existing Building Inspections

The Fire Prevention Bureau conducts life safety inspections at a variety of existing occupancies in response to safety complaints, permit requests for remodel projects, annual permit renewals for various activities, and as requested by other agencies.

Fire Protection System Maintenance and Records Management

The Fire Prevention Bureau also maintains a database of fire protection system service reports for fire sprinkler, fire alarm, kitchen range hood suppression systems, and private hydrants.

Business License Fire Inspections

The Fire Prevention Bureau Deputy Fire Marshal reviews and evaluates business license applications in the City of Spokane for compliance with fire and life safety issues. The Deputy Fire Marshal also communicates and coordinates with other regulatory agencies when joint reviews are necessary.

Administration of the Lock Box Rapid Entry System for Emergency Access

The Lock Box Rapid Entry System Program is managed by the SFD Fire Prevention Bureau. Fire Code requires key lock boxes for quick access where access is unduly difficult or for rapid entry allowing less property damage to occur. Owners of businesses and buildings located within the City of Spokane can order lock boxes through the Spokane Fire Department. View more information about key lock boxes.

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