Protect your vehicle with a free Club from the Spokane Police Department!

Free Club

The Spokane Police Department will be giving away “The Club”, an auto theft prevention device, for people who have the vehicles (year, make, and model) listed below. These are commonly stolen vehicles and by giving out Clubs, Spokane Police hope to prevent vehicle theft in the city.

Funds for this giveaway program come from the Washington Auto Theft Prevention Authority (WATPA). WATPA was created as a result of the Washington Legislature’s desire to change trends in car theft. The Elizabeth Nowak-Washington Auto Theft Prevention Act was enacted in 2007. In addition to changes in the laws dealing with motor vehicle theft, the Act created the Washington Auto Theft Prevention Authority (WATPA) in the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs (WASPC). The WATPA account provides grant funds to law enforcement agencies to combat vehicle theft. Expenditures from the grant are used for activities related to motor vehicle theft and include education, prevention, and investigation.

In order to receive a Club you just have to show proof of ownership for one of these vehicles:

  • Honda Civic and Accord, model years 1983 through 2005
  • Toyota Camry, model years 1984 through 2005
  • Subaru Legacy, model years 1990 through 2005
  • Jeep Cherokee, model years 1985 through 2000
  • Ford Explorer, model years 1990 through 2005
  • Dodge Caravan, model years 1985 through 2010
  • Ford Escape/Escort, model years 1990 through 2000
  • Subaru Impreza, model years 1990 through 2005
  • Nissan Sentra, model years 1985 through 2000
  • Ford Pick-Up Trucks, model years 1990 through 2006
  • Chevrolet Pick-Up Trucks, model years 1990 through 2006

See Something? Say Something.

See Something Say Something

Neighbors, Spokane Police and the City of Spokane are working together to reduce sex trafficking, improve the Targeted Investment Area and continue to revitalize the E. Sprague neighborhood.

Historically, E. Sprague has been a location within the City of Spokane where street-level prostitution and/or sex trafficking has occurred. Prostitution and/or sex trafficking may lead to drug trafficking, physical and sexual assault, as well as neighborhood concerns.

In December of 2013, members of the Spokane City Council announced the selection of the E. Sprague Corridor as a Targeted Investment Area. The goal of Targeted Investment Area is to demonstrate that targeted investment of public dollars for housing, street and utility infrastructure, public safety and other efforts can lead to increased private investment and measurable, long-term economic vitality for Spokane neighborhoods. The Targeted Investment Area is located in the East Central neighborhood between the Hamilton overpass (west) and Fiske (east). The north boundary is the railroad tracks and Interstate 90 to the south.

As a continuation of the Targeted Investment Area project, E. Sprague neighbors and Spokane Police initiated the “See Something? Say Something” E. Sprague Revitalization project. “See Something? Say Something” is a collaborative effort between the Spokane Police Department, nonprofit organizations and local businesses, most notably the East Spokane Business Association (ESBA). The goal of “See Something? Say Something” is to prevent and reduce prostitution and sex trafficking by targeting sex buyers (the “Johns”) who patronize prostitutes.

In January of 2015, E. Sprague neighbors and Spokane Police requested that the Spokane City Council pass an ordinance designating the E. Sprague area as an area of high prostitution activity. This designation allows officers to impound the vehicles owned by those individuals who are arrested for prostitution-related offenses, in the hopes of further deterring the behavior. The City Council unanimously approved the ordinance.

In addition to coordinated neighborhood/community policing efforts (i.e., the posting of signs in businesses and homes encouraging citizens who “See Something” to “Say Something” by reporting prostitution-related activity to Crime Check at 509.456.2233), the Spokane Police Department is conducting a series of undercover sting operations to arrest individuals who attempt to purchase sex from a prostitute. Those offenders will be booked into jail and their vehicles impounded when these vehicles are used in the commission of a crime (per City ordinance SMC 10.06.037).

Although women engaged in prostitution are not the focus of this initiative, it is still important to recognize the need to connect these women to resources such as counseling, housing and job training. A resource pamphlet listing available resources will be distributed when appropriate (by officers and advocates).

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