City Council Legislative Meeting

Monday, October 14, 2013 at 6 p.m.
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Emergency Ordinance C3504 - Relating to local improvement districts; establishing Consolidated Local Improvement District No. 222 and a consolidated local improvement district bond redemption fund; fixing the amount, form, date, interest rate and maturity of the Consolidated Local Improvement District No. 222 Installment Note; providing for the purchase of that Note by the City from funds on deposit in the Spokane Investment Pool; fixing the interest rate on local improvement district assessment installments; and declaring an emergency

Council Member Representing Vote
Ben Stuckart City Council President Yea
Amber Waldref District 1 Yea
Mike Fagan District 1 Yea
Jon Snyder District 2 Yea
Mike Allen District 2 Absent
Nancy McLaughlin District 3 Yea
Steve Salvatori District 3 Yea