Behavioral Expectations For Spokane City Hall

The City of Spokane has an interest in maintaining peace and order at City Hall to prevent disruption of City operations, or damage to City property, and to maintain the safety and security of City Hall occupants, including employees and members of the public. To promote these interests, the City prohibits persons from engaging in the below listed types of behaviors/conduct when on City Hall property. Persons who engage in any of these behaviors may be issued a "NOTICE OF TRESPASS/EXCLUSION – SPOKANE CITY HALL" ("Notice") removing them, and prohibiting them from reentering City Hall for a period of time. This Notice may be appealed to the City of Spokane Director of Asset Management per the appeal process described in the Notice. Violation of the Notice terms is considered criminal trespass in violation of Spokane Municipal Code Section 10.12.050. The Notice remains in full force and effect during any appeal. The following is a list of prohibited behaviors:

  1. Engaging in any conduct that violates federal, state or local law.
  2. Engaging in behavior which tends to create or incite, or does create or incite, an immediate breach of the peace, or which is inherently likely to provoke a reaction of fear, anger or apprehension in a person of ordinary sensibilities. Such behaviors include, but are not limited to, behavior a reasonable person of ordinary sensibilities would perceive as loud, raucous, unruly, unreasonably aggressive, or threatening, intimidating, hostile, harmful, harassing, offensive, profane or obscene;
  3. Playing any sound-producing equipment, except that nothing herein shall prohibit the use of such equipment when connected to earphones or an ear receiver that limits the sound to individual listeners; and
  4. Engaging in any conduct that is incompatible with ordinary use of public restroom facilities (i.e., sponge bathing, sexual conduct, sleeping, or otherwise loitering).