Annual Point-in-Time Count

As a recipient of federal and state funds supporting homeless services, our community is required to conduct Point-in-Time Counts annually.

What is the Point-in-Time Count?

The count is essentially a point-in-time census of the homeless population in Spokane County. This census is conducted every year to give every federally-funded community a snapshot of homelessness where they live. The 2022 count was Feb. 24 with the sheltered count, followed by the unsheltered count Feb. 25-March 1. This is one of several elements in our effort to move people into permanent housing, as the data gathered from this census shows much more than how many people are homeless in Spokane. We learn more about who is living in homelessness in Spokane County; why they are homeless, what barriers they are facing, as well as, key data points that can impact how new programs are designed. Combined with other data sources, we can see trends, target areas, and gather information about effective programs. The data also helps secure funding for future services from state and federal grant sources.

2022 Point-in-Time Count FAQs (PDF 637 KB)

How Can I Help?

The City thanks all volunteers and those who have been interested in this important event. Please consider volunteering for the PIT Count in the future or with City partner organizations.

Training & Volunteer Resources

2022 PIT Count Photos

2022 PIT Count Photos

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Resource Pocket Guide

Resources Pocket Guide
Updated on Aug. 1, 2022