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Maps & GIS Data Downloads

The tables below list GIS data sets available for download. All data are in the State Plane Coordinate System, Zone: Washington North (5601), FIPS Zone: 4601, Datum: NAD83, Units: Feet. Metadata in XML format is included with all files.

Before using any of the datasets, please read the liability disclaimer (readme.htm) included in the zip archives.

Report any problems to giswebmaster@spokanecity.org.

The Data was last updated on: 8/11/2016.

Aerial Photo Layers

Layer Description Format Status Size Download
Spokane 2007 Ortho 6" color ortho-imagery covering the Spokane, WA metro area. MrSID June 2007 3 GB SpokaneOrtho2007.zip

Basemap Layers

Layer Description Format Status Size Download
Streams DNR surface water features including rivers and streams Shapefile 2007 4 MB DNRStream.zip
Streets Centerline of driven way. Shapefile Continual 5 MB Street.zip
2ft Elevation Contours 2 ft topographic contour data digitized from 6" aerial photography. Shapefile 2007 144 MB Contour2007.zip
Addresses Primary and secondary address points. Shapefile Continual 4 MB Address.zip
Airports Airports, airfields, runways and landing strips. Shapefile Current 37 KB Airport.zip
Buildings Building roofprints digitized from 6" aerial photography. Shapefile Continual 17 MB Building.zip
City Parks City of Spokane Parks Shapefile Current 307 KB Park.zip
USGS Contours USGS 7.5 minute contours for Spokane County Shapefile Unknown 63 MB USGSContour.zip
Water Bodies Surface water features including rivers, streams, ponds and lakes Shapefile 2008 1002 KB Hydro.zip
Railroads Railroad Centerlines Shapefile Current 313 KB Railroad.zip

Boundary Layers

Layer Description Format Status Size Download
Neighborhoods City of Spokane Neighborhood Council Districts Shapefile Current 226 KB Neighborhood.zip
City Council Districts City Council District Boundaries Shapefile Current 144 KB CityCouncil.zip
City Limits City Limits, Municipal Limits, and Corporate Boundaries Shapefile Current 298 KB Municipal.zip
Empowerment Zone Purpose is to stimulate economic development throughout indicated areas. Shapefile Current 13 KB CEZ.zip
Fire Districts Fire district boundaries. Shapefile Current 334 KB FireDistrict.zip

County Assessor Layers

Layer Description Format Status Size Download
Parcels Spokane County Assessor Tax Parcel Information. Shapefile Continual 70 MB Parcel.zip

Crime Layers

Layer Description Format Status Size Download
Crime Crime locations (2008 to present) Shapefile Continual 5 MB Crime.zip

Environment Layers

Layer Description Format Status Size Download
Aquifer Spokane-Rathdrum aquifer boundaries. Shapefile Current 35 KB Aquifer.zip
FEMA Flood Zones 100 year and 500 year FEMA flood zones. Shapefile Current 2 MB FemaFlood.zip

Planning Layers

Layer Description Format Status Size Download
Final Plats Final plat outlines Shapefile Continual 256 KB FinalPlat.zip
Land Use Plan Land use plan Shapefile Current 905 KB Landuse.zip
Urban Growth Area Urban growth area boundaries. Shapefile Current 594 KB UGA.zip
Preliminary Plats Preliminary plat outlines Shapefile Continual 119 KB PrePlat.zip
Zoning Zoning boundaries Shapefile Current 722 KB Zoning.zip


The City of Spokane provides this information to the general public and has not customized the information for any specific purpose. The information contained was generated from GIS data maintained by different sources and agencies. Some limitations may apply based upon restrictions imposed by other sources or agencies supplying data to the City. Areas depicted by these digital products are approximate, and are not necessarily accurate to mapping, surveying, or engineering standards. These digital products are for illustration purposes only, are not suitable for site-specific decision making, are subject to constant changes, and may not be complete, accurate or current. Any specific coordinates may be in error by several hundred feet or more. A digital layer may have registration errors and not overlay with other data layers correctly.

The City provides this information with the understanding that it is not guaranteed to be accurate, correct or complete. Conclusions drawn from this information are the responsibility of the user. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy, correctness and timeliness of the materials presented. However, the City assumes no responsibility in the event that any information is incorrect. The City of Spokane assumes no liability for damages incurred directly or indirectly as a result of incomplete, incorrect or omitted information, even if the City is advised of the possibility that the information may not be accurate. The user of this information assumes all liability for their dependence on this information and assumes responsibility for the information.