Critical Incident Response

Pursuant to Spokane Municipal Code Section 04.32.040, the police ombudsman shall be notified immediately and act as an observer to any administrative or civil investigation conducted by or on behalf of the department where an employee of the police department is involved as a principal, victim, witness, or custodial officer, where death or serious bodily injury results, or where deadly force was used regardless of whether any injury or death resulted.


The Office of Police Ombudsman does not have jurisdiction to participate in the criminal investigation of such incidents. Criminal investigation is carried out in accordance with Spokane Police Department Critical Incident Protocol (Updated February 2011).

As a City department, the Office of Police Ombudsman does not have jurisdiction to review or investigate critical incidents involving members of the Spokane County Sheriff's Office, the Washington State Patrol, or any entity other than the Spokane Police Department.

Critical Incident Investigative Reports

Critical Incident investigative files posted to this page are obtained through the Public Records Request process and have been redacted as required by Washington State Public Records law. These reports are not produced by the Office of Police Ombudsman but are provided here as part of our continuing efforts to increase transparency regarding the actions of the Spokane Police Department on behalf of the citizens of Spokane.


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