Official City Logo and Colors

City Logo Philosophy

Official City of Spokane Logo - Full Color The main image of the City of Spokane logo is the Spokane River and the Falls downtown. This image highlights the very reason the City of Spokane was founded here. The river is the natural symbol of Spokane. We are unique in the fact that a beautiful whitewater river flows through our City. Spokane's growth as a community is represented by a bridge that spans the river. The bridge is the link between people and the natural environment of our City. They are two parts that work together to show the quality of life available in Spokane.

The bridge gives a strong, solid base for the type. The type is bold, yet not overbearing. The letters are a combination of serif and san serif fonts, used in all upper case, which lends a sense of sophistication. But the typeface are not staid or stuffy. They have a friendly quality that is important for the City to project.

In its entirety, the logo is simple and clean, which makes it easy for people to recognize and remember. It represents the City of Spokane in a professional, friendly way. The shape creates a strong, solid feeling. The clarity it generates will be of assistance to everyone who works with or views the visual identity of Spokane.

- Klundt-Hosmer Design, Spokane, WA

Use of the City Logo

The City logo represents a recognizable, visual and identity for our residents, businesses and visitors and is to be applied consistently to all communications produced for the City. The purpose of the logo is to promote public services that are provided by the City of Spokane. From publications and web sites to broadcast applications, consistent usage of the City logo is vital to the success of the City of Spokane's visual identity.

Our logo was carefully designed to mirror our commitment to our community. It is critical that this logo is never to be altered in any way. Repositioning elements, changing the fonts or using unspecified color combinations are not acceptable.

Provided below are the official website SVG versions of each of the approved logo colors. The full color logo is preferred, but a one color version for teal, purple, black, and reverse white version are provided.

Full Color One Color - Teal One Color - Purple One Color - Black One Color - White

Use of One Color Logos

The preferred one color logo for website use is the teal (rgb(0,102,153) or #006699) version. A purple (rgb(0,0,102) or #000066), black, grayscale or white reverse versions are also allowed. The City logo is not to be utilized in any other colors except specified on this website.

Use of Logos on Backgrounds

When using the City logo on a colored background, be sure there is a sufficient contrast with the background to define all elements clearly. The logo should be used in a solid black or white format if full color format does not present adequate contrast.

Logo Size and Clear Area/White Space

The City of Spokane logo must not be reduced to smaller than 5/8" wide and must not be distorted in shape through scanning or manipulation. All adjustments of size should be made using the corner handles (boxes) while the logo is selected. This is a standard procedure for sizing any graphic or photo while avoiding distortion and maintaining the correct aspect ratio.

In all applications, the City logo must be surrounded by an open area of "white space" at least 3/16". This open area protects the logo from other graphic elements (i.e. typography, photography, or illustration, edge of surface, etc.) that might compete with it visually, or confine it within a constricted area. It is always recommended to have a generous amount of "white space" surrounding the logo for visual recognition.

Website Colors

The city website uses three primary colors taken directly from the official city logo. These colors are teal (rgb(0,102,153) or #006699), purple (rgb(0,0,102) or #000066), and light teal (rgb(102,153,204) or #6699CC).

Teal Purple Light Teal

We also have a dark highlight (rgb (0,153,204), or #0099CC) and a light highlight (rgb (51,153,204), or #3399CC).

Dark Highlight Light Highlight

Official City Logos - SVG

Official City Logos - PNG