19th Ave update

Brian Schaeffer, Assistant Chief, 509.625.7002

Friday, August 9, 2013 at 8 a.m.

Narrative: Devastation from yesterday's structure fires near 19th & Sherman resulted in an estimated $500,000 of property loss and millions saved from the potential destruction of a neighborhood. According to accounts from the Spokane Fire Department's Special Investigation Unit, two single family residences were considered catastrophic losses. A third single family home received heavy fire damage to the deck, siding, and attic. The fire was extending into the third home from through a kitchen window and exterior door when firefighters successfully extinguished it, preventing damage on the home’s interior.

A fourth structure sustained smoke damage to one of the four apartments. The tenant had a box fan pulling air into the structure through a window facing the fire and the fan was left operating after she evacuated. There were no civilian injuries and one minor firefighter injury as a result the incident, which lasted several hours.

Cause: The official fire cause remains undetermined, however both prospective scenarios appear accidental. The details will be shared when we learn more from SIU.

Damage: In addition to the structural damage there were three cars, one motorcycle, and a boat that were completely consumed by the fire.

Dollar Loss: $500,000