Meet the ONS Team

Patrick Striker

Patrick Striker, Director

Patrick leads the department, makes policy changes and keeps the team’s vision. Patrick also supports the Comstock, Manito-Cannon Hill, and Nevada-Heights neighborhoods.

Pollyanne Birge

Pollyanne Birge, Community Programs Manager

Pollyanne manages Special Events permits, Community Center contracts, and the volunteer graffiti program. Pollyanne also is the staff liaison to Audubon-Downriver, Five Mile Prairie, Peaceful Valley and North Indian Trail neighborhoods.

Annie Deasy

Annie Deasy, Community Programs Coordinator

Annie manages the neighborhood traffic calming program, is the staff representative to Communications (Comms), Liaison and Pedestrian, Traffic and Transportation (PeTT) committees; and liaison to Chief Garry Park, East Central, Lincoln Heights, Logan, Rockwood, Southgate, and West Hills neighborhoods.

Amber Groe

Amber Groe, Community Programs Coordinator

Amber manages the neighborhood clean-up program; is the staff representative to Land Use, Building Stronger Neighborhoods (BSN) committees and City Council/Neighborhood Town Halls; and liaison to Bemiss, Cliff-Cannon, Hillyard, Latah-Hangman, Minnehaha, Shiloh Hills, West Central, and Whitman neighborhoods.

Gabby Ryan

Gabby Ryan, Community Programs Coordinator

Gabby manages the community engagement grant program; supports the Admin, Budget and Community Assembly/City Council committees; and liaises the Balboa-South Indian Trail, Browne’s Addition, Emerson-Garfield, Grandview-Thorpe, North Hill, and Northwest neighborhoods.