Chief Garry Park

Chair: Luc Jasmin III,

Vice Chair: Vacant

Secretary: Betty Krafft,

Treasurer: Amber Jasmin,

Meetings: Meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month, (except July, Aug and Dec) 6:30 p.m. at 1831 E. Mission Ave. or Zoom (please contact Chair in advance of meeting for Zoom link).

Community Assembly (CA) Representative: Krista Anderson,

CA Alt Rep and Non-Profit Liaison: Colleen Gardner,

Staff Liaison: Annie Deasy,, 509.625.6343

Clean Up Coordinator: Ariel Whiteley,

Traffic Calming Coordinator: Cathy Gunderson,

Community Grant Coordinator: Amber Jasmin,

City Council District: District 1

City Council Representatives: Michael Cathcart,; Jonathan Bingle,

Code Enforcement Officer: Bryan Schertz,, 509.625.6857

Neighborhood Parks: Chief Garry Park, Parkwater Park, Stone Park

Neighborhood Links:

Neighborhood Boundaries:

The boundaries of the Community Development neighborhood are:

  • North: The Spokane River South Bank
  • East: West Fancher St
  • South: North Trent Ave
  • West: The Spokane River

View the Chief Garry Park Neighborhood Map (PDF 453 KB).