Chair: Joy Sheikh,

Vice Chair: Needed

Meetings: 2nd Wednesday-Meets quarterly, March, June, Sept (7 p.m. at Grandview Park), Dec, location TBD

Community Assembly Representative: Tina Luerssen,, 509.844.3299

Community Assembly Representative Alternate: Needed

Staff Liaison: Annica Eagle,, 509.625.6156

Clean Up Coordinator: Julie Eggleston,, 509.499.1767

City Council District: District 2

City Council Representatives: Lori Kinnear,; and Breean Beggs,

Code Enforcement Officer: Luis Garcia,, 509.625.6850

Neighborhood Parks: Grandview Park, Finch Arboretum

Neighborhood Links:

Neighborhood Boundaries:

  • North: I-90
  • East: Highway 195 from I-90 to West 16th Ave; Burlington Northern Railroad from West 16th Ave to West 44th Ave
  • South: West 25th Ave from South Rustle Road to South H St; West 44th Ave from South H St to Burlington Northern Railroad
  • West: South Garden Springs Rd from I-90 to South Rustle Rd; South Rustle Rd from South Garden Springs Rd to West 25th Ave; South H St from West 25th Ave to West 44th Ave

View the Grandview Thorpe Neighborhood Map (PDF 436 KB).

View the Grandview Thorpe Neighborhood Map (PDF 436 KB).