Chair: Pia Hallenberg, riversideneighborhoodchair@gmail.com, piahallenberg@gmail.com

Meetings: 3rd Tuesday of the first month of quarter (January, April, July, October) – 5:30 p.m., Virtual & in-person (TBD), see Neighborhood Calendar for details, or check Riverside Neighborhood Council's Facebook page.

Community Assembly Representative: Shae Blackwell, shaeblackwell@gmail.com

Community Assembly Alternate: Rebecca Mack, rmack@gmail.com

Secretary: Shae Blackwell, shaeblackwell@gmail.com

Treasurer: Mark Howard, markhoward496@gmail.com

Clean-up Coordinator Pia Hallenberg, riversideneighborhoodchair@gmail.com, piahallenberg@gmail.com

Staff Liaison: Carly Cortright, ccortright@spokanecity.org

City Council District: District 2

City Council Representatives: Lori Kinnear, lkinnear@spokanecity.org; Betsy Wilkerson, bwilkerson@spokanecity.org

Code Enforcement Officer: Luis Garcia, lgarcia@spokanecity.org, 509.625.6850

Neighborhood Parks: Riverfront Park, North Bank Park

Neighborhood Links:

Neighborhood Boundaries:

  • North: Boone Ave from Monroe St to Division St
  • West: Railroad grade from I-90 to south side of Sunset Blvd; Sunset Blvd to Maple St; Maple St to Riverside Ave; Riverside Ave to Monroe St; Monroe Street from Riverside to Boone
  • South: I-90 from Division St to railroad grade (east of Inland Empire Way)
  • East: Division St from Boone Ave to I-90

View the Riverside Neighborhood Map (PDF 471 KB).