Chair: Dave Lucas,

Vice Chair: Vacant

Treasurer: Tanya Starkel,

Secretary: Vacant

Meetings: 1st Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. at Hutton Elementary School Library, 908 E. 24th Ave. or via Zoom, see Neighborhood Calendar for details. The council does not meet in July, August and November.

Community Assembly Representative: Bill Doley,

Community Assembly Representative Alternate: Toni DePasquale,, 509.879.2162

Staff Liaison: Annie Deasy,, 509.625.6343

Clean Up Coordinator: Elizabeth Szombathy,

City Council District: District 2

City Council Representatives: Paul Dillon,; Lili Navarrete,

Code Enforcement Officer: Becky Nelson,, 509.625.6807

Neighborhood Links:

Neighborhood Boundaries: Beginning at the corner of Grand Blvd and Sumner St, proceeding east along Sumner St, then southeast along Rockwood Blvd to 12th Ave, then east along 12th Ave to Ballou St following Ballou St east to Southeast Blvd; proceeding southeast along Southeast Blvd to 29th Ave; proceeding west along 29th Ave to Grand Blvd; from the corner of 29th Ave and Grand Blvd; proceeding northwest along Grand Blvd to the point of beginning at Sumner St.

View the Rockwood Neighborhood Map (PDF 429 KB).