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Many perspectives on High Drive

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Friday, November 15, 2013 at 5 p.m.

Many perspectives on High Drive

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High Drive is a popular scenic area for pedestrians. Walkers, bikers, hikers, joggers, dog walkers and others enjoy the “exercise with a view” opportunity this area offers.

A discussion is underway about how to make the High Drive experience even better along a route shared by residents, drivers and pedestrians. Next spring, High Drive is slated for construction as an integrated capital-improvement project that includes:

  • new paving
  • sidewalks
  • bike lanes
  • water main replacement
  • storm water pipe
  • drainage swales
  • combined sewerage storage

That integrated package of projects will enhance safety, make stormwater collection more efficient and effective and drive a better overall experience. It is all part of a three-dimensional evaluation of the needs in the neighborhood and an approach that drives multiple benefits for every dollar invested. Integrated strategies that combine utility work with road improvements result in significant savings and limit disruption to local residents.

Safety will be a significant topic of conversation over the next few months. Walkers, runners and bikers currently must share the road with vehicles.

Most everyone agrees pedestrian safety is a concern, but what form improvements take is up for discussion. Among the considerations: sidewalks on both sides of the street or only one, eight-foot or five-foot sidewalks, bike lanes on both sides of the road, impact to landscaping, and where to put parking.

Below ground, water, sewer and stormwater collection will also influence design approaches.

City engineers are accepting feedback on the design options to highdriveproject@spokanecity.org. You can also follow project updates through this blog.

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Many perspectives on High Drive
Many perspectives on High Drive

November 15, 2013 - Comments - High Drive is a popular scenic area an integrated capital improvement project scheduled for this spring

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