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David Condon

Talking collaborative police reform, a new fire agreement and more...

David Condon, Mayor, No Phone Number Available

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 11 a.m.

It is a busy time at City Hall even with the short week. The Department of Justice COPS program visited last week at our invitation. We are working with Fire District 3 to improve the affordability of service to a neighborhood in the southwestern part of the City. The City Council passed a 2014 budget that focuses on citizen priorities to direct critical investments. And Gloria Ochoa will join the City next week as director of local governmental and multicultural affairs.

Collaborative reform: We are working on a number of fronts to improve police services for our citizens. We invited the Department of Justice COPS program to evaluate police oversight, community policing and training. Last week was the second visit by the COPS program to the Spokane Police Department.

Over the next several months, the COPS team will make recommendations and work collaboratively with the department (PDF 584 KB) to begin implementation through its Collaborative Reform Process. Evaluation will include examine of the past five years of Use of Force instances and investigations. DOJ is expected to work with the SPD for up approximately 24 months.

Improving fire service: City Council will consider a request next week to formalize the agreement the City has with Fire District 3 to respond to fire calls in the Eagle Ridge neighborhood. Making the arrangement official will improve the fire insurance rating for the neighborhood and make fire service more affordable to Eagle Ridge. The Fire Service Task Team made the recommendation in its report published this fall.

Gloria Ochoa: This is an important time to improve access to city and community-based services. Many significant conversations are underway about better utilizing partnerships with our regional neighbors and improving the quality of life of diverse cultural and linguistic communities. Gloria Ochoa adds experience and focus in multicultural considerations and collaborative approaches.

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