Scott Chesney

Making multimodal a part integrated transportation plan

Scott Chesney, Planning and Development Director, No Phone Number Available

Thursday, December 5, 2013 at 3 p.m.

Making multimodal a part integrated transportation plan

The City is developing a multimodal (pedestrian, bike, transit, freight) transportation system to ensure Spokane is a great place to live, work, and play. Multimodal transportation planning is an integral part of overall system planning and development.

As a part of the ongoing transportation plan update the City has pulled together an interdisciplinary team of senior-level staff to continue developing a multimodal planning approach. The approach integrates these functions within the transportation plan, which will continue to be developed through the end of 2014.

Until recently, bike and pedestrian planning stood alone in a “silo,” rather than being part of the overall planning effort. Leadership is now assigned to a principal planner to ensure all modes of transportation are considered in all City transportation planning decisions. The principal will also serve on the Bicycle Advisory Board, representing the Planning and Development director.

Planning and Development is facilitating a citywide update to the Comprehensive Plan: The Plan of Spokane. The plan will have a strong neighborhood focus and emphasis on growth and development consistent with long-held value for walkable neighborhoods and places. It will offer solid policy guidance for the value of bike and pedestrian connections and linkages throughout Spokane.

As part of that effort, recent transportation tours of Spokane brought together neighborhood representatives, City Council members, business leaders, technical staff, and other community members to discuss a variety of transportation issues in the field. National transportation and other infrastructure best practices (PDF 3.6 MB) were reviewed and discussed by the stakeholders who shared their personal and professional opinions.


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