Monique Cotton

See Something? Say Something.

Monique Cotton, Public Information and Communication Director, Spokane Police Departme, No Phone Number Available

Monday, March 9, 2015 at 9:53 a.m.

See Something? Say Something.

Neighbors, Spokane Police and the City of Spokane are teaming up to help revitalize the East Sprague area. This month, the “See Something? Say Something.” campaign kicked off to reduce crime and prevent and reduce sex trafficking in the neighborhood.

Last Wednesday, neighbors, businesspeople and Spokane Police went door-to-door posting signs and encouraging citizens who see sex trafficking to “Say Something” and report it to Crime Check at 509.456.2233. People who see someone soliciting a prostitute are asked to write down the license plate number, vehicle description and suspect description. Spokane Police will follow up by contacting the registered owner of the reported vehicles.

During the month of March, Spokane police are also planning a series of undercover sting operations aimed at curbing prostitution.

In addition to the door-to-door neighborhood and community policing initiative, the City of Spokane has taken other steps to improve the East Sprague area. View information on improvements. (PDF 211 KB)

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