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Another Round of Traffic Calming Projects Constructed

Jackie Caro, Community Programs Coordinator, No Phone Number Available

Thursday, December 3, 2015 at 9:53 a.m.

Another Round of Traffic Calming Projects Constructed

The Traffic Calming Cycle 4 Projects that were applied for and approved in 2014 have nearly all been constructed throughout the neighborhoods; there are two projects that will be held for Spring 2016 construction due to weather constraints.

District 1

Chief Garry Park

  • Fund the design of a full light to be installed at Greene St. and Ermina

District 2


  • Install sidewalk on the east side of Bernard St from 36th Ave to a half block north of 34th Ave.

East Central

  • Install painted crosswalk across the southern leg of Pittsburg at 5th Ave. Install a new ADA curb ramp on the southwest corner of said intersection. An in-street movable sign is also requested for this location.

Lincoln Heights

  • Install missing sidewalk on Fiske St from 28th Ave to 27th Ave and on the south side of 27th Ave from Fiske St to Ray St and complete the sidewalk on the west side of Fiske.


  • Install marked crosswalk across the northern leg of the intersections of Southeast Blvd at Rockwood Blvd, and at 27th Ave.


  • nstall enhanced pedestrian crossing of Palouse Highway to service the high-occupancy housing access to Target. This will include a crosswalk with pedestrian refuge and pavement widening to accommodate the enhanced usage. Construction scheduled for Spring 2015.

District 3

Emerson Garfield

  • Install sidewalk between Maple St and Maple St from Euclid Ave to Dalton Ave and across the island west of the intersection with Alice Ave. (Peds should be directed to use sidewalk on the east side of Maple between Dalton and Alice.)

Five Mile Prairie

  • Install Painted crosswalks on the south leg at the intersection of 5-mile Rd and Lincoln Ave/Cascade Way and at the intersection of 5-mile Rd and Horizon Ridge Place.

North Hill

  • Install bumpouts at the intersection of Garland Ave at Lincoln St. This will require new ADA curb ramps and adjustments to the current drainage structures. This will also require the removal of parking. Construction scheduled for Spring 2015.


  • Install sidewalk on both sides of Oak St from Rockwell Ave to Longfellow Ave, on the south side of Longfellow from Oak St east to Ash St, on the north side of Rockwell from Oak St east to the alley, and on the west side of Oak St from Rockwell south to meet up with existing sidewalk. Install directional ADA curb ramps at intersections.
  • Complete a bicycle connection for both the northbound and southbound directions on Assembly St from where the painted bike lanes end just south of Wellesley to where the painted bike lanes end just north of Olympic Ave.
  • Install separated Sidewalk on the West side of Ash St from Courtland Ave to Providence Ave. to include ADA compliant curb ramps.

The Cycle 5 Traffic Calming Application projects are currently in design to go forward for construction in the late 2016 construction season. See a list of those projects (PDF 237 KB).

Each year the neighborhoods come up with ideas of locations and projects to apply for traffic calming funds. The program has successfully funded nearly 69 totals projects ranging from traffic circles, bump-outs, crosswalks and sidewalks. The funds that support the program come from the Photo Red Light violator infractions.

There is also a new map on the Office of Neighborhood Services website showing all the locations where traffic calming projects have been built. View the map.

If you would like to know how you can apply for traffic calming projects in your neighborhood contact Jackie Caro at jcaro@spokanecity.org or 509.625.6733.

To find out more about the Traffic Calming Program, visit our webpage.


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