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Forest Spokane continues to add trees to Spokane

Alicia Bemiss-Powell, Neighborhood Services and Code Enforcement, No Phone Number Available

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 at 10 a.m.

Forest Spokane continues to add trees to Spokane

Since 2014, thousands of trees have been planted in Spokane through the Forest Spokane Initiative! Looking ahead to next year, some programs will be coming to a close as the initiative nears completion.

Results to date have been encouraging. Through Greening Neighborhoods Grants, the Residential Tree Program, and other projects, 6,350 new trees have been planted in Spokane, along with 1,489 perennials. The most trees were planted in the Latah/Hangman (255+) and Lincoln Heights neighborhoods (195+).

The initiative's goal of planting 10,000 trees in Spokane is firmly in reach. Next year, the Residential Tree Program's free tree giveaway will continue (date TBD) along with the Spokane River Gorge Project, a community planting event in April. Greening Grants projects have been a fun and valuable part of the Forest Spokane Initiative, but that program will not be extended into 2016.

Information on how you can get involved with the Residential Tree Program and River Gorge Project will be available on the City's website over the coming months. The free tree giveaway has been immensely popular and the River Gorge Planting is a large planting that will require a lot of volunteers. If you have any questions, I can be reached at or 509.625.6780.

Forest Spokane Tree Map

The Forest Spokane Tree map displays all trees planted across Spokane. When you click on tree icon information about the tree species, the project type, additional notes and photos may be found. Have fun exploring a diverse variety of trees in Spokane's urban forest.

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