Jessica Fisher

Choose Spokane as Your Second Headquarters

Jessica Fisher, Public Information Assistant, 509.625.6749

Friday, January 25, 2019 at 2:33 p.m.

Choose Spokane as Your Second Headquarters

Word about Spokane has been getting out. People are flocking to our city for the strong job market, the opportunity to work without compromising living. And, the stunning scenery is an added bonus.

Not only are people flocking to Spokane, so is the business community. Businesses like Rover and McKinstry have chosen Spokane as their second headquarters. These businesses understand that their employees thrive when they are able to live in the city where they work and avoid hour long or longer commutes.

Last week, Mayor David Condon traveled to Bellevue to spread Spokane’s message, you can still have it all in Washington. He shared his optimism about Spokane’s future with local business leaders.

As Mayor Condon mingled with these decision makers, he talked about how the City is investing in public infrastructure to support economic growth and redevelopment. We’ve revitalized areas through street and streetscape projects, added parks and other amenities when building underground infrastructures, and invested in our downtown park, which is our largest visitor draw.

The City is also making strategic investments in workforce and people, streamlining government regulation, and producing greater certainty for job creators. As part of this work, we are working to consistently evaluate our progress, listen to job creators, and make adjustments to our regulations and policies to ensure Spokane’s competitiveness within the region.

Mayor Condon left the crowd with an important message, choose Spokane and your company and employees will not be disappointed.

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