Christopher Green

South University District Update

Christopher Green, AICP, Assistant Planner II, 509.625.6194

Friday, September 13, 2019 at 4:50 p.m.

South University District Update

This summer, we asked for your ideas about the South University District. It’s time to share what we learned and invite you to join us for the next step in the subarea planning process.

What You Told Us

We heard from 308 of you who shared your feedback about issues like housing, parking, and streetscapes in an online survey held from June 27-August 12.

Building off of the early results of the survey, the City’s project team was joined by consultants from MAKERS Architecture and Urban Design of Seattle, who facilitated a Community Design Workshop and several stakeholder focus groups in a fast-paced visit to Spokane on July 30-31. Workshop participants had a chance to share their ideas for a future district that balances future growth as an innovation hub with the needs of existing businesses and residences. Each table group had the opportunity to mark-up maps of the South University District and review handouts showing different potential building types. This provided feedback to the project team on potential changes including zoning boundaries, important streets and intersections and parking needs for new development.

Results from the survey and workshops are available in the Community Engagement Summary prepared by MAKERS. To dig deeper into the results, check out more detailed breakdowns of results at the South University District subarea plan project page.

What’s next?

The project team is using survey and workshop results to shape a draft vision and goals for future district development that will guide any proposed changes to zoning or development standards that come out of the process.

You’re Invited!

In order to fine-tune the vision and goals, the community is invited to an open house at PRIDE Prep Charter School, on Wednesday, October 2, from 4-7 p.m. City staff and consultants from MAKERS will be on hand to discuss the ideas behind the draft vision and goals, answer questions, and hear your thoughts on various alternative concepts for the South University District. We look forward to seeing you!

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